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About the Internship

With the help of ARAI Academy, TechNovuus is holding a VIRTUAL INTERNSHIP programme on “Introduction to Automotive Industry,” which is open to all 1st and 2nd year STE (Science, Technology, Engineering) students across India. The purpose of this programme is to provide students with an overview of the automotive sector as well as opportunities to connect with industry experts and professionals. The hands-on workshop is designed to pique kids’ interest and imagination, allowing them to come up with new ideas, develop, and create.

Important Dates & Deadlines

15th November 2021: Start of Application Acceptance

25nd November 2021: End of Application Acceptance

30th November 2021: Qualification Exam (Quiz)

03th December 2021: Declaration of Results

15th December 2021 Wednesday: Start of the Program

5th January 2021 Wednesday: Program Conclusion

Over the course of three weeks, experts and industry professionals will provide 20 2-hour lectures. Students will participate in a 10- to 15-hour live virtual workshop on Universal Engineering Tools-Kits for Experimentation over the course of a week.

Shortlisted students would be provided with complimentary programmable kits and accessories.

The internship is part of the knowledge enhancement program and would be conducted at no charge.

Internship Programme Description

Importance of Intellectual Property and Publications

AgendaProgram Description
Talk on gap between Academia & IndustryInsights into how to prepare for bridging the Industry-academy gap
Introduction to Publications1-2 Hours of discussion on the importance of publications in engineering education• Publications in conferences and journals.
• Paid versus unpaid publications
• Explore a perfect journal or publication.
Intellectual Property• Patents
• Designs
• Trademarks
• Copyrights
Project Report PublicationsSignificance of a project report in BTech/BE/Diploma courses
• Best publication writing practices
• Learn how to respond to a reviewer for your paper
• Learn how to review a research publication

Universal Engineering Tools – Electronic Kits for Experimentation

AgendaProgram Description
Development Boards• Prominence of electronics
• Role of programming
Arduino Board and Microcontroller Based SystemIntroduction to Microcontroller Based SystemBlock SchematicsMicrocontrollerSignal Conditioning BlockActuatorIDE, Editor and Compiler
ProgrammingIDE EnvironmentVirtual Platform: TinkerCAD, Wokwi
Virtual WorkshopUltrasound Sensor Based Automotive Application – I
Automotive / Non-Automotive Application – II

Eligibility Criteria

This Intenship Programme is especially conducted for 1st and 2nd year Students of sny course and any branch of Science | Technology | and Engineering Students.

Perks & Benefits

  • 30+ Hours of Hands-on Workshop, and Industry Interface.
  • Industry Experts Insights
  • Guidance on Professional Paper Presentation
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