IIT Bombay Free Online Course & Internships | Free Swags & Goodies in 2021

Hello Peeps, this post is to inform you about the Free Online Course, Free Internship Opportunity and Free Swags, and many more Exciting prizes for everyone. This is such an amazing and outstanding opportunity recently announced by IIT Bombay about the “Mood Indigo College Connection Program” for all college/university students. To know more about the details of this Program, check out the below-clarified details given.

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What is Mood Indigo?


With approximately 1,46,000 students from over 2000 colleges in attendance, Mood Indigo is more than a festival; it is an outpouring of euphoria. Since its inception in 1971, it has attracted visitors from all around the world. The mood I’ve seen decades of musical and cultural transformation, not just keeping up with the changes but also setting new benchmarks for cultural festivals every year, and we’re back with the 51st edition this year.

Find yourself trapped in the enchantment of Mood Indigo, each day better than the last, with surprises around every corner, and your only wish at the end being to relive the best four days of your life.

About College Connect Program

The college connects program is the vanguard of Mood Indigo’s outreach program. Associate with IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo. Join the Indigo Family, be the face of Mood Indigo in your college and city. This is your chance to gain valuable experience, pull off awesome events, and build a strong network with similarly motivated individuals helping you in your future professional endeavors.

Eligibility Criteria/Qualification Required

Students from all colleges across the globe are welcome to apply.

In a world full of Campus Ambassadors, try to be an Indigo Squad Member.

Roles & Responsibilities

You begin at level one and work your way through the programme, completing responsibilities such as designing and executing unique events, actively planning for social media marketing, strategizing, and driving campus word-of-mouth publicity campaigns.

There are a total of four levels. After completing all of the tasks in each level and earning enough points, you will be upgraded to the next level, just like in a game.


  • 500+ Internship Opportunities
  • Video Courses worth 1 million
  • Free accommodation
  • Coupons worth 1 million
  • MI Official Merchandise
  • VIP Concert Pass
  • Free Goodies
  • MI Coins (These coins can be used to purchase products and merchandise from Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay’s website.)

Join this IIT Bombay free online courses/IIT Bombay free online certificate courses and gain some advanced knowledge to excel your skills, digital skills. Thi program is just like a game and for fun to explore yourself more and more towards learning different technologies, latest gadgets, modern technology and build your skills. By the completion of this, you have a chance to get Free Internship and get free swags from IIT Bombay.

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