Code in Place 2023: Learn to Code with Stanford University’s Free Online Course

Are you interested in learning to code, but don’t know where to start? Stanford University has a solution for you with their free, human-centered, intro-to-coding course: Code in Place 2023. The course runs from April 24th to June 10th, 2023, and the application deadline is April 10th.

What is Code in Place 2023?

Code in Place 2023 is a free online course offered by Stanford University that teaches introductory coding skills to beginners. The course is designed to be human-centered, meaning that it focuses on the needs and interests of the individual student. It also provides a supportive community of mentors and peers to help students along the way.

Who is Code in Place 2023 for?

Code in Place 2023 is for anyone who is interested in learning to code, regardless of their previous experience. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some coding experience, the course is designed to meet you where you are and help you improve your skills.

What will you learn in Code in Place 2023?

Code in Place 2023 covers the basics of programming using the Python language. You will learn about variables, loops, functions, conditionals, and more. By the end of the course, you will have built your own programs and gained the foundational knowledge necessary to continue your coding journey.

Why should you apply for Code in Place 2023?

There are many reasons to apply for Code in Place 2023. First and foremost, it’s a great opportunity to learn a valuable skill for free. Additionally, the human-centered approach means that you will receive personalized support and guidance throughout the course. Plus, the supportive community of mentors and peers can help you stay motivated and engaged.

How to apply for Code in Place 2023?

To apply for Code in Place 2023, simply visit the course website and fill out the application form by April 10th. The application is straightforward and asks for basic information about your background and why you’re interested in the course. You will also need to complete a short coding exercise to demonstrate your interest and aptitude for the course.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn to code with Stanford University’s Code in Place 2023. Apply today and take the first step towards a new skill and a brighter future!

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