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Hello Learners/Technocrats/Techies, this post is to inform you about the free best Machine Learning and Image Processing Course for Students and Professionals. Machine Learning, as a part of Data Science, is one of the most emerging/trending technology, or modern technology in the world right now. It is the most in-demand digital skill, which everyone pays and spends plenty of money on learning. And Image Processing is often referred to as Computer Vision, and it is being applied to a wide range of fields. But, if you don’t want to spend money, then this is the right place to get the top and best Machine Learning and Image Processing Course Online.

About this Course

Machine Learning and Image Processing Course is a free online learning/self-learning course for everyone released by Cisco thingQbator. In this course, you will learn about the fundamentals concept behind Machine Learning, types of Machine Learning, various Machine Learning algorithms, digital image processing, image segmentation, supervised learning, interpretable machine learning, etc. You will also learn to Integrate image processing applications with custom ML algorithms.

Play with images and bring out your creative side. Integrate your image processing applications with a custom Machine Learning algorithm. Swim through the vast ocean of data, fill up your bucket with what you need, and pour it into your Machine Learning algorithm. Teach your machine to make decisions and observe patterns in real-world scenarios.


  • Machine Learning in 5 minutes
  • Play with Images
  • Work with Images
  • Teach images to a baby machine
  • Teach images to an expert machine
  • Quiz

About Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a first-class ticket to some of today’s most exciting data analysis careers. As the number of data sources grows, so does the computational power required to process them. Going straight to the data is one of the simplest ways to quickly acquire insights and make predictions.

To leverage its predictive capacity, machine learning combines computer science and statistics. It’s a must-have talent for aspiring data analysts and scientists, as well as anyone else who wants to turn all that raw data into nuanced trends and predictions.

What is Image Processing, and how does it work?

Computer algorithms are used to process images for analysis in the field of image processing. Image analysis and enhancement have several applications in a range of fields, including criminal justice, drug discovery and healthcare, and military applications. The way we approach digital image processing has changed thanks to computer vision. Image segmentation and contrast enhancement down to the pixel level provide us the opportunity to locate relevant information. Our picture acquisition skills have also been enhanced. We now have digital photography capabilities for full exploration where we earlier relied on x-rays in healthcare, for example. With a wide range of image formats and sizes to choose from, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

CourseMachine Learning and Image Processing
Launched By Cisco thingQbator
CertificateYES ( Free Certificate after Completion)
Mode Of LearningOnline/Self Learning Session

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