Nationwide Business Management Competition Prabandhan’2021 – The Flagship Management Conclave of IIT Kanpur | Projects & Case Studies

Karobaar: National Business Management Competition: Everything You Need to Know

Academicians, industrialists, corporate professionals, research researchers, and young management students can use Prabandhan to exchange their expertise and experiences, as well as keep up with current and forthcoming trends in the field of business management.

Karobaar, a platform for getting your strategy assessed by the best in the field, is presented by MBA IIT Kanpur. Unique ideas resulting from Eureka moments frequently drive innovation, ideation, and concept incubation. Playing in the worlds of fads and delighters while generating long-term success is a unique challenge for all business students. Excited? So get your Karobaari Khoj going and prepare for a fun competition.

What are the important dates & deadlines?

  • dates16 Sep’21 11:59 PM IST Registration Deadline

Karobaar: Nationwide Business Management Competition: Stages and Timelines

Idea Submission (1 Slide)

Post-registration, the participants are required to submit their idea in a 1-slider ppt on the D2C platform.date05 Sep’21 12:00 AM IST – 19 Sep’21 11:59 PM ISTradio_button_checked

Business Plan Canvas Submission

The participants are required to submit a B-Plan Canvas of their business idea on the D2C platform. The recommended format of the canvas will be communicated to the teams

.date21 Sep’21 12:00 AM IST – 01 Oct’21 11:59 PM IST

Finale: Online Presentation

The shortlisted teams are required to create a detailed presentation of their business plan and present it online (Zoom or Google Meet) to the industry experts and esteemed academicians of IIT Kanpur.

date08 Oct’21 11:00 AM IST – 10 Oct’21 05:00 PM IST

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