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Hello Readers, this post is to inform everyone about the Free Online Quiz Competition 2021, with Free Certificate on the occasion of Hindi Diwas. Great opportunity to explore yourself about Hindi Diwas and test your knowledge of how much you know about our Mother Tongue Hindi. It’s a highly engaging Free Online Quiz Competitions with Free Certificate.

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History of Hindi Diwas

Once India became independent, there was a need for an official language to simplify communications and reach the public among government departments. On 14 September 1949, the Constituent Assembly accepted Hindi as India’s official language. In 1953, the first Diwas of Hindi took place. Hindi has, under Article 343 of the Indian Constitution, been adopted as one of the official languages.

Significance of Hindi Diwas

The idea of spending a day promoting Hindi alone suggests that the language has not realized its full potential. Some say that a language must become a language of the masses, so that it can be more accepted and prosperous, and not just cultural events. While literary and cultural events should be welcomed in support of Hindi, these events should be brought to the public, probably using technology. Many organizations, which have contributed to the enrichment of their language today, award authors, poets, and cultural activists. Schools and colleges are organizing contests as well.

Importance of Hindi Divas celebration

In Hindi Diwas the beauty of the Hindi language has rejoiced and the rich past recalled. In particular, the importance of this language must be remembered for the younger generations. This is why many schools and other educational institutions across the country organize special events for the day. During these events, several interesting events are organized to highlight Hindi’s importance and wealth.

In addition, Hindi Diwas is observed in government offices and other locations throughout the country. This day will include activities such as Hindi poetry, essay writing, and quiz tournaments. The majority of these events had a large turnout.


The celebration of Hindi Diwas encourages us to cherish and love the Hindi language. The language is deeply ingrained in our culture, and every Indian must treat it with respect. A person who disregards his or her culture and roots will never be successful in life.

Eligibility Criteria

There are no criteria or eligibility for participating in this Online Quiz Competition. Anyone can participate and win a free quiz certificate.

Perks & Benefits

Evry Participants will get Free E-Quiz Certificates.

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