Free Sports Certificate

Sports Certificate 

Are you involved in sports and want to better understand the role of nutrition in work and health? Want to learn if certain healthy eating strategies can work for your athletic performance and / or muscle growth? Are you a dietitian, physiotherapist or health / sports coach and want to be able to provide appropriate healthy eating advice to your clients? Or, are you not one of the above but are you interested in nutrition and sports and want to make informed decisions about your daily diet? After all this online course is for you!

Nutrition is essential to living an active and healthy lifestyle, supporting training, and improving performance. In this study, researchers and teachers at Wageningen University & Research will familiarize you with the healthy eating and exercise habits. What are the basic concepts of exercise and sports nutrition science? How exercise is promoted for different types of sports such as; strength sports, exercise and endurance? And how do proteins support bone mass and function? In this lesson you will learn to balance energy needs and understand thermoregulation and fluid balance. You will learn about the role of micronutrients and supplements in the functioning of exercise. In addition, you will be notified of specific health issues related to exercise. These lessons also affect how the lessons learned from food sports and sports research can be used in old age. For example, what are the benefits of extra protein in high-risk groups?

Be aware that this course will not tell you exactly what to eat. Instead, you will learn and understand the aspects of healthy exercise and sports, so you can make informed decisions and carefully consider the advice and claims of healthy eating.


This course is especially useful for:

Sports- and health coaches, physiotherapists and nutritionists
People working in the food (sports) industry
Professional athletes and athletes
Everyone with a healthy appetite for information about diet, exercise and sports
Ready to join MOOC? working for your (your) athletes, clients or yourself.

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