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Cloud Technology Series

Figure out how to assemble better, quicker

Speed ​​up your excursion with the Cloud Technical Series. Go along with us by inundating ourselves in the most recent cloud innovation through innovation workshops and support times.

Rapidly improve your insight on subjects incorporating beginning with Google Cloud, VM Migration, Data Analytics and Migration, GKE, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud, and AI and ML.

Join now, and participate in a day or so of figuring out how to assemble better, quicker, and all the more productively.


23 March 2021 – 26 March 2021

The most effective method to: Prepare Infrastructure | 23 March

Beginning with Google Cloud gives the fundamentals of GCP including PC, organization and capacity arrangements. At that point jump further into the track Optimizing Infrastructure to figure out how to capitalize on the new Google Cloud delivery and driving pace, wellbeing and cost-viability for your ventures.

The most effective method to: Build and Create Modern | 24 March

Look at the prescribed procedures in cloud-put together programming advancement with respect to how to utilize how to open the cutting edge worth and improvement of the Google Cloud application.

Step by step instructions to: Convert with Data | March 25

Get an information examination idea and see how the universe of DA and AI joins driving rate, scale, and tweaked insight.

Step by step instructions to: Convert with ML and AI | March 26

See how various segments of AI and ML models can tackle issues quicker, rapidly scale projects and diminish advertising time.

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