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Water is perhaps the main thing throughout everyday life. The steadily expanding speed of the water system, metropolitan and modern movement has squeezed water assets. The developing effect of expanded utilization of this valuable common asset has prompted water deficiencies in numerous districts of the country. Moreover, environmental change has caused changes in the hydrologic cycle in the country. Subsequently, this scant asset must be secured by proficient and powerful administration of sound logical techniques for its feasible turn of events.

The Ground Water Augmentation Awards and the National Water Award was dispatched in 2007 with the point of empowering all partners including non-legislative associations (NGOs), Gram Panchayats, Urban Local Bodies, water client associations, foundations, corporate area, individuals, and so on Receiving new groundwater supplement rehearses through water reaping and environmentally friendly power, advancing water productivity, restoration and re-utilization of water and consciousness of human investment in focused zones has brought about manageable underground water asset advancement, adequate ability to work among partners and so forth

Given the way that surface and groundwater are a fundamental piece of the water cycle, it has gotten important to set up National Water Awards to urge members to adopt a comprehensive strategy to water asset the board in the country. In this way, the 2018 National Water Awards are planned for 2018-19 and the champs are chosen and given prizes/cites on February 25, 2019, in New Delhi. The next year 2019-20, NWA 2019 was effectively coordinated and the champs were charmed with a visual showcase of awards/cites on the eleventh and twelfth. The occasion was opened by the Honorable Vice President of India.

By proceeding to zero in on building public mindfulness and urging more individuals to work for water protection/the board, the third National Water Awards 2020 currently introduced by the Department of Water Resources, RD and GR perceive the endeavors of people/associations working in this field the nation over to cover the most significant level.

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