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Hey students! Hey students! Do you want to learn essential information and develop your skills? If so, Google has something wonderful for everyone. Google recently informed all technology enthusiasts about the free “learn to win the cloud challenge.” Learn Google Free Online Course on Cloud Computing and get Google Certification Free and Google Free Goodies and Swags. This is a Google Cloud Certification Free Challenge.

Google Cloud cuts through complexity and offers solutions for your storage, analytics, big data, machine learning, and application development needs. And with training and resources from Google, you can get started with greater confidence.

See the following for more information on free swags.

About this Challenge

Google has worked with Qwiklabs to provide students with free challenges and free swags. You only have to complete the challenges and claim your awards. You can get free access to more than 32 hands-on labs, earn awards and expand the network and demonstrate your expertise.
With tools such as Kubernetes, BigQuery and Compute, you will gain an experience to build your professional skills while earning points and awards.

Eligibility criteria

You cannot start with small or no cloud experience, as there is no specific need to complete this challenge. This awesome challenge can be met by students from any degree or college.

Important Dates & Deadlines

  • This challenge is only valid for a limited period of time from 13 September to 10 October 2021 or before.
  • The Learn to Get Cloud Challenge and any related gaming can end before the 10th October 2021 at any time.
  • Since the seats are limited, hurry and apply, you cannot take free swags and certificates otherwise.

Challenges You have to Face

Learners need to complete the following challenges in order to avail the free swags:

  • Essentials
  • Data
  • Architecture
  • Security

Perks & Benefits

After successfully completing the challenges, you’ll get free Google Badges to your Qwiklabs profile.

Free swags

  • After four Learn to earn Cloud Challenge game badges you can win Google Teapot or non-package sipper free of charge.
  • Once three badges are finalised, you can earn a middle-class prize. After you have finished three badges.
  • On completion, you can win free basic level awards such as bottle when you complete two Learn to Earn Cloud Challenge badges.
  • When you finish all Cloud Challenge Bills, you can win 30 credits free on Qwiklabs. You can also win your Bills free.

For more Understanding, you can follow the below video:

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