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About The Course

The Google AI course is a 30-hour free online course for applicants who wish to learn about Artificial Intelligence and its applications at a basic level.

Candidates with no prior programming or AI skills are welcome to enroll in Google’s Artificial Intelligence course. The University of Helsinki and Reaktor have collaborated to create a Google artificial intelligence course.

Candidates will be able to grasp how AI affects daily life and obtain the expertise of fundamental machine language programs during the course of the program.

To receive a Certificate from Google after completing the program, applicants must complete 90% of the exercise and score more than 50% in their exercise. Aside from the AI course, Google also has Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications that can be used in conjunction with the AI course.

What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a discipline of computer science concerned with creating machines capable of doing tasks that need human intelligence.
It’s a multifaceted science with a variety of methodologies. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a method of attempting to reproduce human intelligence and reasoning in machines.
It also has a strong link to data science and machine learning.

Many complex problems can be solved using this method. Everything in today’s world can be done by robots, and AI is a step in that direction.

Google AI Certification Course’s Importance

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been ingrained in our daily lives. It has proven to be extremely effective in a variety of disciplines, and it has the potential to revolutionize the world in the future. The following are some of AI’s advantages:

The medical industry has been transformed by artificial intelligence. Based on their health report and past medical history, algorithms have been devised to help detect patients with malignancies. Scientists have also been attempting to utilize AI to forecast a patient’s health graph in the future. It has been a boon to medical research.

The aviation sector has also benefited from AI in terms of route planning, take-off charts, and airline landing schedules. It’s also used to double-check all of the equipment before a flight to make sure everything is in functioning order. Different algorithms are being tested to improve the comfort and safety of air travel.

Banking and financial services are another industry that has profited from AI. Algorithms in machine learning models can be used to figure out everyday jobs in banks, such as transactional and financial procedures. Artificial intelligence (AI) can be extremely useful in detecting suspicious transactions and preventing fraud.

Finally, AI has had an impact on the gaming and entertainment industries. In reality, AI has had a significant impact on the gaming business; there is now a feature that allows users to play multiplayer games with the computer.

Google AI Certification Course: Overview

Course TitleElements of AI
CreatorReaktor & the University of Helsinki
Student CommunityGlobal
LanguageAvailable in 15 languages
No. of PartsTwo Parts
No. of Modules6 Modules
Total duration30 hours
FeeFree of Cost

Google has launched an AI certification in response to the increased demand for AI as a skill.

The primary goal of this course is to teach you the fundamentals of artificial intelligence.
This course is designed for novices, so students with no prior coding expertise are welcome to enroll.
It teaches students about the principles of artificial intelligence and how it influences our daily lives.
The lessons are broken down into six modules and will take about 30 hours to finish.
The course is completely free.
Students will be able to identify AI, comprehend how it works, and the technologies that are related to it after completing this course.

This is a fantastic chance for those students who are interested in the field and want to learn more about it. Candidates must first register on the Google Digital website to enroll in an AI certification course.

Details about the Google AI Certification Course

Students will be given films to study and will be required to conduct research as well as carefully review the material of each lesson.
This course is best taken in a group, with friends or coworkers. If that isn’t possible, students can always connect with others in the AI community online.
Numerical exercises, MCQs, and quizzes are examples of different types of exercises.
Finally, to receive a certificate after completion, the student must finish at least 90% of the exercises and correctly complete at least 50% of them.

The table below presents the Global enrollment statistics in the Google AI Certification course:

Number of StudentsOver 550,000 
Number of Countries170 
Percentage of WomenAbout 40%

Google AI Certification Course Syllabus

Google AI Certification Course Syllabus

LessonPART I: Introduction to AIPART II: Building AI
Chapter 1What is AI?Getting Started with AI
Chapter 2AI Problem SolvingDealing with Uncertainty
Chapter 3Real-World AIMachine Learning
Chapter 4Machine LearningNeural Networks
Chapter 5Neural NetworksConclusion
Chapter 6Implications

Why should you do Google AI Certification Course?

Why should you do Google AI Certification Course?

Skill ImprovementThe most important reason to take up a course in AI is to improve skills. Considering the demand for AI nowadays, it only makes sense for a student to take up courses and hone their skills.
Enhances CVEmployers are always on the lookout for candidates who are aware of the functioning of AI, so taking this course will give students a considerable advantage in the industry.
GrowthLearning about AI will not only help students with professional growth but also personal growth.  It will increase their knowledge and make the students more aware of their surroundings
Technological advancementThe main aim of AI is to bring about technological advancement; it will teach students different ways to use technology. Students will be able to make good use of the available resources if they know AI.
Reducing ErrorsThe key advantage of Artificial Intelligence is to decrease the error and increase the likelihood of high accuracy with great prediction.
Change in LifestyleArtificial Intelligence carries the aspirations of advancement in science to facilitate everyday life. It inclines to create greater opportunities and become more marketable. Artificial Intelligence can also support workers in real-time with personalized solutions and guidance, thereby increasing efficiency.

Google Machine Language Course 

Google also offers a Machine Language program that allows it to complement its artificial intelligence program. The Google Machine language Program is divided into two parts one is for a data scientist or machine learning engineer and the other is for a contact center engineer.

The following are the details of both the program offered as a part of the Machine Learning and artificial intelligence course.

Parameters Data Scientist / Machine Learning EngineerContact Center Engineer
Subjects Covered TensorFlow, Kube Flow Pipelines, Cloud ML APIs, Cloud Dataflow, AI Platform, BigQuery ML, AI Platform Notebooks, BigQueryContact Center Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Understanding, Dialog Flow
Number of Courses 51
Number of Labs216

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