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Hello Learners, this post is to inform everyone about free best online Courses for free from IIT Kota, with a free completion certificate. To advance your learning, technical skills, enhance your knowledge, you should join the IIT Kota Courses which is totally free of cost for everyone.

About this Course

The Massive Open Online Courses(MOOCs) web portal is an online platform/online learning portal/education portal developed by IIIT Kota, to offer skill development courses for students from diversified backgrounds of Rajasthan and across India in easy to understand language. This platform is specially designed to target Indian students and to help them acquire world-class knowledge in various domains in Hindi and English in a way that can be understood easily. The courses available here are free and have rich content to develop the various skills and apply what they learn with self-paced quizzes and hands-on projects.

You will have a chance to learn from industry experts/professionals, IIT Kota top Professors, and to interact in live-to-live interactive sessions, live-doubt clearing sessions by attending these courses.

What you will get?

The e-LDA stands for e-Learning and Data Analytics Lab. e-LDA was founded at the Indian Institute of Information Technology Kota in 2020. The primary aim of the e-Learning and Data Analytics lab is to develop Massive Open Online Courses on the unexplored topics that will be useful:

  • To provide quality education with equitable access to learners across India.
  • To explore unexplored subject topics in MOOCs relevant to Indian learners based on Industry needs.
  • To develop digital content for MOOCs on Skill development and vocational course contents.
  • To enhance employability of college students through MOOCs.

Courses List

CourseEnglish for Personal and Professional Development
Duration 21 Hours
Course Brief DescriptionThe course is designed to give you the tools you need to improve your communication skills and the best strategies for using them to your advantage.
BenefitsYou’ll be able to learn how to create persuasive messages, ask thoughtful questions, engage in active listening, and develop interpersonal skills. By the end of the course, you will be able to develop your personality, understand functional grammar, foster soft skills, craft convincing and clear messages, and develop the critical communication skills you need to get ahead in business and in life.
CourseWildlife Naturalist
Duration 22 Hours
Course Brief DescriptionA fascinating course having a vast amount of information about wildlife in India. It will provide the learner with the orientation towards taking up wildlife naturalists as their carrier.
Course BeneftisCandidates will be provided an introduction to the following subjects: Birds, Butterflies, Amphibians, Field guiding as a profession, Help creating guided nature experience, Techniques of Guiding, Reptiles, Trees, Mammals, Animal behavior, Conservation management, Tracks & Signs, Animal tracking and capturing wildlife in a lens.
CourseBasics of Entrepreneurship
Duration 4 Hours
Course Brief DescriptionThe course will aid in making your entrepreneurial dream come true and will be helpful to understand the basics of entrepreneurship.
CourseIntroduction to Photography
Duration 4 Hours
Course Brief DescriptionAnyone willing to have next-level skills, to get past their creative blocks, or struggling to make a choice of taking a full-time plunge into the profession.
CourseBasic Computer Skills
Duration 4 Hours
Course Brief DescriptionThe course is designed to learn the basic essential computer skills for the digital age. It is a unique course that will provide the user with the skill to cope up with basic industry demands.

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