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RBCDSAI was established to bring a team of researchers together to address various challenges in big data using learning equipment and artificial intelligence. From modeling the spread of Covid-19 to developing new technologies in deep neural networks to identify and solve problems in the automotive sector, to help develop intelligent cities, we aim to develop the future together. We invite undergraduate students and researchers of all levels with knowledge and desire for scientific data and artificial intelligence to join our growing team of researchers and positively impact society through their research. RBCDSAI is proud of its highly trained team of investigators and support staff. The institute is well equipped with the necessary infrastructure to establish a suitable research environment. We are currently working with various government agencies to provide insights and solutions to various aspects of nation-building. In addition, we work closely with the industry.

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Program details:

  1. Time: Specific project (3-6 months)
    2.Circle: Rs. 10,000 / month
  2. Mode: Online
  3. Donate final year of UG & PG students *
  4. Qualification method: GPA: Min. 3/4 or 8/10
  5. Plans begin in June

Required documents:

  1. Statement of Purpose
    • Why would you like to do an internship at RBCDSAI?
    • What is your location adjustment?
    • What projects would you like to work on? (Optional for up to three projects)
    • Why did you choose those specific projects?
  2. Curriculum Lesson
  3. Recommendation Letter (Must be mailed to internship@rbcdsai.org, with the name of the person registered on the topic line)

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Selection process:

  1. A Python system test will be conducted for all applicants after deleting the initial testing process.
  2. For projects 4-11, an additional testing cycle will be conducted.
    • Part A: MCQs in ML / DS / AI.
    • Part B: 2 stock sets with specific tasks to be performed on.
  3. Once the first rounds have been canceled, an interview may be arranged with the project team.

Project details:

  1. Structure of the Algebraic Competition
  2. Modular connection / flexible components
  3. Network configuration
  4. Models of the Automatic Generation Doubt of Natural Language Conditions
    5.A-AI based Acoustic Camera-based Gesture Recognition
  5. Imitation enabled AI-based Automation for X-Ray Scan Loads
  6. AI-based evaluation in Wave Propagation
  7. Identification of drivers’ genes and their role depending on the patient’s profile
  8. Artificial intelligence for power management and efficiency in intelligent structures
  9. Information added to the production of the description of the buildings
  10. Termination notice on MOOCs

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