Free Government Certification in 2021 | Govt. Pledge on Let’s Say No To Child Labour

As we know, Child Labour is a crime nowadays because Every Child’s education whether it’s a girl child education or boys, it’s very important to educate everyone. Education is very essential for everyone nowadays. We need to educate India and increase the literacy rate in India. Because the new generation is the future of our World. The new generation has new ideas to implement in better ways, new innovations, a new mindset to make India digital, to make our world digital.

Hello Folks, this post is to inform you about the Free Government Certification Online for everyone. You have just need to take a pledge on “Let’s Say No To Child Labour”.

Hello Folks, this post is to inform you about the Free Government Certification Online for everyone. You have just need to take a pledge on Rashtriya Ekta Diwas 2021. After taking this pledge, you will get Free Government Certification.

MYGOV is an Indian Government platform to help everyone to get or achieve their dream release on pledge for everyone to take.

MyGov (Hindi Mer Sarkar) is a citizen engagement platform created by the Indian government on July 26, 2014, to encourage residents to actively participate in their country’s administration and development. Its users participate in and discuss numerous government programs and plans.

Reality of Child Labour in India

Child labor has long been a source of international concern since it harms, degrades, and ruins children’s futures. The issue of child labor is a source of worry not only in India but also in other emerging nations. It’s a public health crisis and a societal blight. Children are a country’s hope and future. Yet, in our country, there are millions of individuals who have never had a normal, carefree childhood.

Every child should be given an opportunity to attend and finish their schooling and have a healthy childhood. Unfortunately, this is not the reality we face every day.

According to the All India Edu Survey, more than 17 million “Child laborers” are there in India, with children ranging in age from 5 to 14. (National Census 2011). Child laborers are regularly used in many sectors of production and service such as small-scale industries, domestic assistance, shopkeeper’s helper, and quarries, according to Indian legislation, which states that any child under the age of 18 cannot be employed.

Poverty is one of the key reasons behind this. When making a living and caring for family members becomes a top priority, education has little or no possibility of being pursued. In India, education is seen as a luxury by disadvantaged children and their parents, and this negative attitude is passed down from generation to generation.

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