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On August 29, 2019, the Hon’ble Prime Minister inaugurated the FIT INDIA Movement with the goal of making physical fitness a way of life. The FIT INDIA Movement strives to alter people’s habits from sedentary to physically active living. Only until FIT INDIA becomes a people’s movement will it be considered a success. We must take on the role of a catalyst.

You’d probably agree that “How to Live” should be the first pillar of formal education. This entails teaching and practicing daily self-care for one’s body and health. As a result, after the home, schools must be the first formal institution where physical fitness is taught and practiced.

In light of the preceding, the Fit India Mission has developed a system of FIT INDIA SCHOOL Certification with the following primary and uncomplicated parameters:

FIT India School

The following rules would be in place:

  • Having at least one teacher who is trained in PE and is fit and active.
  • Having a park where you can play more than one outdoor game.
  • Every class should have one PE period a day, during which physical activities like sports, dance, games, yoga san, and PT are done.
  • Having every student spend at least 60 minutes a day being active.

Fit India 3 Star School

For a 3 Star rating, you would also need to meet the following criteria:

  • Every teacher should spend at least an hour a day on physical activities.
  • Each school has at least two teachers, including at least one PE teacher, who are trained or knowledgeable in any two sports.
  • Fit India School week was held at school.
  • Having facilities for four sports, including the two that take place outside.
  • Every student learns and plays at least two sports, and one of them could be a traditional, local, or indigenous game.

Fit India 5-Star School

In addition to the 3-Star certification, the following criteria would also be used for the highest certification:

  • The school has sports competitions within the school every three months, competes with other schools, and has an annual Sports Day.
  • PE is taught to all teachers.
  • The school has at least two coaches for sports. These might be PE teachers.
  • The school has a structured PE program that is set by NCERT, CBSE, or SCERT.
  • All kids at school get a fitness test once a year.
  • The school lets nearby communities and parents use its playground(s) before and after school hours, and they do so often. For maintenance and safety, a reasonable fee can be charged.

Procedure for Schools to get Fit India Star Certification

  • Basic FIT INDIA SCHOOL would certify itself and sign up online at After registering, a certificate would be sent to the school online. Once the school got the certificate, it would be able to use the Fit India logo and flag.
  • For 3 Star or 5 Star certification from FIT INDIA, the school would have to submit its application online at The Fit India Mission would check to see if the claim was true and then send an online certificate and letter of praise. The same thing would be put on paper and sent through the mail.
  • The Prime Minister’s Award will have FIT INDIA as a part of it. I ask you to help make FIT INDIA a successful people’s movement by taking the following steps:
  • Telling all schools in your state, both public and private, about the above and encouraging them to look for the Fit India Ranking.
  • To honor Fit India 3 Star and 5 Star Schools by holding an appropriate event at the State Headquarters. Fit India 5 Star Schools could be honored at Republic Day and Independence Day events at the state level.
  • Nominate a senior officer in your department to be the State Nodal Officer for Fit India and let us know. Set up Fit India events at schools from time to time. You could tell schools to use their imaginations when planning and putting on Fit India events.

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