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IRDAI proposes to offer Graduate and Postgraduate courses or Research from prestigious universities and educational institutions during the summer break.


The terms and conditions of the apprenticeship are below.

1. Student eligibility conditions:

a) Bonaidide students in the final year of their graduation (4th year, in the case of law students pursuing a five-year integrated course) with excellent academic records; or

(b) Students with graduate degrees and are in the final year of graduation; or

(c) One-year Masters degree students; or

(d) Graduate students who are pursuing full-time Research studies in Insurance / Economics / Finance / Management.

2. The Intern will be a regular university / institutional student.

3. The apprenticeship program is open only to citizens of India.

4. The internship is for project/training in the insurance field only from a regulatory point of view. The minimum period of internship is two months and the length of three months.

5. There will be a Review Committee to consider the applications and include a list of applicants for the personal interview. Selected applicants will be invited for a personal interview, if necessary, and the Nomination Committee will recommend the names of the candidates. Only nominees for internships will be notified.

6. Based on their details, IRDAI may consider offering them internships in various locations depending on their expertise and/or interest and the selection of the Audit Committee.

7. Student deliveries are determined at the time of awarding the internship itself. Trainees are required to provide a confidential declaration before reporting the Internship.

8. Training will be offered at IRDAI Headquarters in Hyderabad from May 2021. IRDAI will provide office space, internet connectivity, and other support services for interns. Apart from this, no other services will be provided to students by IRDAI.

9. Trainees will be paid a lump sum of dollars. 15,000 / – per month. Selected railway nominees will be reimbursed for the second AC railway fare. Fees for a single II AC train will be calculated on the shortest route from their residence/center location to set up a summer study area for this activity. Without this, there will be no other salary or payment.

10. It will be the responsibility of the Students to make their arrangements for accommodation and laptops. Workspace / Internet site and other requirements as deemed appropriate will be provided by IRDAI.

11. The project will be overseen by a Departmental Supervisor who will act as a Project Guide.

12. Upon completion of the project, the student will be required to make a presentation on the Project to the IRDAI HODs and submit a report to the Department of Labor. Internal will also send a report / active type/model to the IRDAI library.

13. The number of students to be trained will be 10.

14. IRDAI will be free to use all research and educational outcomes as may be determined accordingly.

15. Students who will be eligible / claim for appointment to IRDAI as a result of their studies.

16. The IRDAI may instruct the student to suspend the program at any time, as the IRDAI deems appropriate, and without giving a reason. The IRDAI decision will be final in this regard. The Intern may choose to leave the program and, if he wishes, give IRDAI one month’s notice a month in advance. If under any circumstances, the student is unable to submit the notice period he will be required to pay an amount equal to the sum of one month.

17. Interested students can apply at the following link:

The closing date for applications is on or before 5.30 PM on April 16, 2021. Applicants must upload a scanned copy of their photographs, signature, ID card issued by the institution/college/university, and Certificate to the sponsoring institution/college/university in the prescribed manner. The Certificate form from the sponsoring institution/college/university is provided in Annexure-1.

19. Attachment upload guidelines

a. The image and signature must be scanned in .jpeg format. Make sure the size of the scanned image is not more than 1 MB.

b. Identity card issued by the institution/college/university and Certificate of sponsorship/college/university in the prescribed format must be scanned in .pdf format. Make sure the size of the scanned document does not exceed 5 MB.

20. Applications submitted without proper attachment may be briefly denied.

21. IRDAI does not assume any responsibility for nominees to be unable to submit their applications by the due date for any reason or reason beyond IRDAI.

22. All correspondence will be done via email. Therefore, all baptism candidates are advised to provide the correct e-mail address and to check their e-mail regularly to receive any updates from IRDAI.

23. IRDAI reserves the right to cancel the notice in whole or in part for any reason.

24. Corrigendum: Please note that Corrigendum, if any, provided in the ad above, will be published on the IRDAI website only.

25. Should there be a clarification / question regarding the completion of the application form, students may write to

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