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About the Program

We are pleased to announce that we will be using Code in Place 2021. Join us in the following donations as a student (April 8th application) or as a class leader (submit March 25)! Applications for section leaders are now open!

Is this a course with too many teachers? In 2020, at the beginning of the epidemic, as a community service, more than 900 teachers from around the world came together to give the first volunteer-led leadership course called Code in Place, hosted by Stanford University. Code in Place has been an enjoyable, constructive, learning experience and more than 10,000 students have learned to encrypt python. It was a great time to do it again in April 2021. Student applications open on April 2!

Our goals
The COVID-19 era has been difficult for many people around the world, in many different ways. As an act of community service, a team of computer science educators comes together to offer our free tutoring services to people who want to learn how to enter presentation codes, depending on availability. This is a special contribution to the COVID-19 epidemic.

We believe that the size of the people who want to teach computer science is large and can be the same as the size of the people who want to learn. Why? Teaching is fun and teaching is the best way to learn content skills with leading teams. We hope that this study promotes new ways of providing people-centered education for all.

About the Course

Course Dates: April 19 to May 28.
Anywhere: Anywhere online.
Who: Students, who have no programming knowledge, and time to devote to learning.
Student application deadline: April 8, AOE.
Teacher application deadline: March 25, AOE.

CS106A is one of the best-known courses at Stanford University, with about 1,600 students annually. It has been built over the past 30 years by an amazing team, including Nick Parlante, Eric Roberts, and more. The course teaches the basics of computer programming using the most widely used language of Python programs. These courses are designed for everyone from social scientists, social scientists, to hardcore engineers. Code in Place is built on the first part of CS106A.

The code in place does not require a background in programs – a willingness to work hard and a love of learning. It requires a lot of dedication and hard work, during a 5-week course.

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