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Overview of the Position

As a software engineering intern, you’ll work on Autodesk Fusion 360, a cutting-edge cloud-connected CAD, CAM, and CAE application that integrates the entire product development process to the Autodesk cloud platform. We’re searching for someone who is energized by the prospect of producing functionality that thrills and assists customers, as well as providing solutions to internal teams to aid in the development of their own functionality.


  • To create a fantastic user experience, design, prototype, build, test, and debug product features and cloud operations.
  • Implement, improve, and troubleshoot tools that will help your team be more productive.
  • Work as an integrated member of a high-performing, self-organizing Scrum Team, contributing significantly.
  • Investigate and, if necessary, prototype task-related technologies and algorithms.
  • Demonstrate product design and implementation excellence in terms of efficiency and scalability.
  • Prepare, present, and discuss the advantages and risks of various software implementation methods.

Minimum Requirements

  • Obtaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science or any other engineering discipline from a reputable engineering college.
  • C++ expertise is required.
  • OOAD is something I’m very familiar with.
  • Data Structures, STL, and Memory Management are all skills that you should have.
  • Willingness and motivation to adapt to new situations and technologies.
  • Excellent communication abilities, both written and vocal

Qualifications that are preferred

  • REST APIs, cloud computing, and web services, as well as JavaScript, are all basic web technologies.
  • Knowledge of git and source code management is a plus.
  • Knowledge of multi-threading ideas and applications
  • Ability to learn new programming languages fast and is passionate about robust software design
  • Self-motivated and willing to work alone with little supervision

Autodesk Information

You have the ability to Make Anything with Autodesk software. The future of making has here, ushering in major shifts in the way things are created, manufactured, and used. Every industry is affected: architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and media, and entertainment, to name a few. This disturbance can be turned into an opportunity if you have the correct information and tools.

Design experts, engineers, and architects, as well as digital artists, students, and amateurs, all use our software. We’re always looking for innovative methods to bring all aspects of diversity together among our employees, customers, partners, and communities. Our ultimate goal is to increase people’s ability to conceive, develop, and build a better world.

We’re creating a diverse workplace and an inclusive culture at Autodesk so that more individuals can envision, design, and create a better world. Autodesk is an equal opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants are considered for employment regardless of race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, national origin, handicap, veteran status, or any other legally protected feature. We also examine all competent applicants for employment, regardless of criminal backgrounds, in accordance with relevant law.

Amazing things are made every day with Autodesk, from the greenest buildings to the cleanest cars, from the smartest factories to the largest headlines. We’ve worked with our customers for four decades to change how things are manufactured, and in the process, we’ve changed what can be made. The performance of a car now influences how it is made, a city’s infrastructure aids in the prediction of the unanticipated, and the development of ever-larger universes shapes ever-larger stories.

Today, our solutions are used in a wide range of industries, empowering entrepreneurs all over the world. However, we’re itching to do more. We believe in making progress rather than waiting for it. Technology is combined and recombined. By obfuscating lines, redefining rules, and combining fields. By releasing talent and gaining insights from a variety of businesses. By assisting our consumers in finding solutions to the problems that we all face today. We believe that having the correct tools to work and think flexibly gives you the power to transform what actually needs to be made. The ability to develop and create a better world for everyone.

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