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Hello Everyone, this article is to inform you about three international quiz where anyone can enroll for any course and can get certified for the same.

Why to is it important?

Session 1: Why Employers look for Certified Candidates
Do you wonder if having certifications really help you during the hiring process? We have heard many of you ask about whether or not employers value certifications. Hear the answers to these questions and many more in a facilitated roundtable discussion. This session will feature a panel of hiring managers, who can tell you exactly why they value certifications and the importance of certifications.

Session 2: How Certifications can Help You get Hired
Hear firsthand from former Networking Academy students on the importance of certifications as they describe their current job roles and major tasks that are involved, a typical day at work, and explain why having a certification was key in the hiring process. We will have a roundtable discussion with Networking Academy alumni and they will share their advice based on their experiences.

Session 3: Insider tips on Studying for Cisco Certifications
Learn tips to study for Cisco Certification exams. We will have the Learning at Cisco team join us and they will share information about extra resources that are available to help you becoming cert ready. This is an opportunity to learn how to better prepare so you can pass your certification exams.

About this Quiz:

So through this article, you can attempt a Quizon of international level. This is totally free, you don’t have to pay anything for this quiz. You can learn many things from this quiz and after completion of this quiz, you will be awarded a certificate which will be very beneficial for you.

You don’t need any prerequisite for this quiz. Basic knowledge will be good but don’t worry if you are not having any clear idea about this topic in this article we will give you a link to a YouTube video where you can find out all the answers to the quiz and can complete the quiz with full marks.

Who can attend this quiz?
Anyone who is interested to undergo an international level quiz and get an international level certificate can go for this quiz irrespective of their profession or irrespective of their working domain. Any students from a science or arts or commerce background can apply for this. Similarly, anyone teacher or a student, or a working professional can go for this quiz.

For more Understanding, you can follow the below video,

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