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It’s no secret that open-source software is the primary choice of developers around the world. Because of their efforts, the software is continuously updated, improved ,and strengthened.

Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of this effort. It has been organized every year since 2014.

The idea is to contribute at least 4 pull requests to any open-source project on Github. And if you do this, you get a free t-shirt! This year, it is scheduled to be held from 1st October 2022 to 31st October 2022. It is scheduled to be organized by DigitalOcean in association with other sponsoring companies.

And if you participate in this digitalocean hacktoberfest, you get a free t-shirt!

Hacktoberfest 2022

Hacktoberfest, the biggest open-source event every year is an event that is fueled by DigitalOcean, GitHub, and other sponsoring companies.

The hacktoberfest event is month-long and it starts on the first of October. The event looks to increase the open source contributions and add them to DigitalOcean’s products.

The event provides a great opportunity for many new and old developers as a way to get involved with open-source and open-source projects. People who have contributed during this event also get a free t-shirt!

EventHacktoberfest 2022
Important Dates & Deadlines1st October 2022 to 31st October 2022
EligibilityOpen to everyone (Anyone who are interested, can participate)
Rules & RegulationsMake 4 valid merged pull requests to participating repositories
Awards & PrizesExclusive DigitalOcean t-shirt + stickers for various companies

How To Get Free T-Shirts?

To get Free T-shirts and certificates, participants have to contribute to 4 different open-source projects. It’s a great way to learn from more experienced programmers and contribute to projects that can help people all around the world.

The next step will be getting your t-shirt and stickers.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our brief post about the Hacktoberfest event. If you love free stuff or free hoodies, you’re going to love this event! We are really excited about this one and hope that we can make it great for everyone. So, if you want to get a free t-shirt, all you need to do is participate in the Hacktoberfest event! To find out more about this event, visit the below Apply Link Button.

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