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About this Course

COVID-19 is spreading rapidly around the world and all providers should be prepared to detect, stabilize and treat patients infected with the novel coronavirus. Upon completion of this brief study doctors, nurses, and other health professionals will have a proven, proven way to save the lives of patients with COVID-19, including those who are seriously ill.

Learning modules divided into short videos presented in a rich and depressing way. The course is automated and providers can customize their learning to fit their schedules. Topics include signs and symptoms in patients with COVID-19, early patient recovery, prevention of intubation need, and ventilator management. Excellent evidence and guidelines are summarized while distributing brochures providing written reading points and links to online services Simple infographics are available to providers who can use them within their care facilities to teach and promote good care in all their facilities.

To learn more about some of our programs and to get additional resources, please visit Stanford Emergency Medicine International (, Stanford Center for Health Education (https: // healtheducation). /), and our Digital Medic Initiative (

Stanford University School of Medicine has been accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide further medical education for physicians.
Debt Appointment
Stanford University School of Medicine describes the 5 5 AMA PRA Phase 1 Credit ™. Doctors should only claim credit in proportion to their participation in this work.
If you would like to receive a CME credit from the Stanford University School of Medicine for participating in this course, please review the details here before starting work.

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