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Hello Learners, Today I am going to share with you a Best Course Platform, i.e. Skill India, which provides Free Skill India Training Courses for Everyone with Free Skill India Certificate.

With e-Skill India, you can learn at your own pace and get a certificate to show for it! Browse our courses now and start learning today.

With the rising digitization of the country, there is a high demand for digitally trained personnel across all sectors. This requirement is met by eSkillIndia, which offers a powerful eLearning platform that gives users access to a wide variety of training courses, thereby assisting in the process of preparing India’s workforce for employment in the digital era.

About E-Skill India Learning Platform

More than 400 online courses chosen from diverse knowledge providers are available through the eSkill India learning portal. The skill India portal pivots online skilling activities in conjunction with worldwide experts in the eLearning industry, allowing consumers access to a diverse choice of skill courses.

Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India, is credited with initiating the National Skills Development Mission of India, sometimes referred to as eskillIndia, eskill India, and Skill India. The National Skills Development Corporation of India is in charge of coordinating and overseeing the completion of this initiative.

E-Skill India collaborated with NSDC, & Skill India Platform.

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E-Skill India Courses List- Skill India Certificate Download (FREE✅)

The following is a list of eSkillindia Courses, along with their respective sectors and durations.

Course NameSectorDuration
Domestic Data Entry Operator (Hindi)IT-ITES20:00 Hours
Domestic Data Entry Operator (English)IT-ITES20:00 Hours
Computer BasicsIT-ITES6:23 Hours
Computer Hardware RepairingIT-ITES8:22 Hours
Basic Electrical TrainingElectronics2:45 Hours
Pradhan Mantri Arogya MitraHealthcare13:01 Hours
Introduction to PythonIT-ITES36:00 Hours
Learn Artificial Intelligence in 89 MinutesIT-ITES2:26 Hours
Starting your Own Business : Be The BossManagement30:01 Hours
Create a Workplace Conflict Resolution PolicyEmployability Enhancer13:00 Hours
Writing Grant ProposalsEmployability Enhancer12:00 Hours
Preparing and Delivering PresentationsEmployability Enhancer22:00 Hours
Self Employed TailorApparel30:20 Hours
Fabric PaintingApparel2:14 Hours
Plumber GeneralPlumbing15:50 Hours
PlumbingPlumbing3:03 Hours
Employability and Digital LiteracyEmployability Enhancer5:00 Hours
CNC Operator / Machining Technician (Lathe)Construction0:54 Hours
CNC Operator / Machining Technician (Milling)Automotive1:46 Hours
CRM Domestic VoiceIT-ITES5:21 Hours
Helper Shuttering CarpenterConstruction1:25 Hours
Assistant Beauty TherapistBeauty2:23 Hours
Assistant SurveyorConstruction6:05 Hours
Assistant MasonConstruction4:01 Hours
Helper Bar Bender & Stell FixerConstruction1:36 Hours
Welding Assistant (TIG)Automotive5:40 Hours
Web Design & DevelopmentIT-ITES2:57 Hours
Field Technician Computing and PeripheralsElectronics9:24 Hours
Trainee AssociateRetail3:28 Hours
Trainee ChefTourism7:36 Hours
Rural Toilet BuilderConstruction0:23 Hours
Carpenter Wooden FurnitureFurniture7:04 Hours
Field Technician – Computing and PeripheralsElectronics10:03 Hours
Eye Care AssistantHealthcare3:45 Hours
Auto Service TechnicianAutomotive4:27 Hours
Assistance ElectricianConstruction4:14 Hours
Welding TechnicianAutomotive4:06 Hours
General Duty AssistantHealthcare4:49 Hours
Financial LiteracyManagement1:59 Hours
Motor Winding & RewindingElectronics2:15 Hours
Basic Refrigeration and Air ConditioningElectronics2:18 Hours
Mushroom CultivationAgriculture1:43 Hours
Basic Mobile RepairingElectronics8:09 Hours

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eSkill India Data Entry Course

Skill India is currently providing free training for domestic data entry operators that is available in both English and Hindi. The goal of this course is to help you learn about the skills needed to be a domestic data entry operator. After you finish this course, you will know everything there is to know about what a Domestic Data Entry Operator does.

Course NameDomestic Data Entry Operator
LanguageEnglish / Hindi
Duration20:00 Hours
Course FeeFree
Pre Qualification9th or 10th
Course Apply LinkDomestic Data Entry Operator

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This course is aimed at assisting you grasp skills relevant to the job function of Care Executive (Call Center) so that you can improve your performance in that capacity. You will be able to get comprehensive knowledge of the duties of a Care Executive once you have successfully completed this course (Call Center). This is a QP-based course, and each of the NOSs will be discussed in detail.

Name Of The CourseCustomer Care Executive (Call Centre) – English
Offered BySkill India | E-Skill India | NSDC
Duration Of The Course21:00 hours
AvailabilityAvailable full time
Certification Availability from Knowledge PartnerAvailable
Certification Availability from eSkillIndiaNot Available
Assessment Availability from Knowledge PartnerAvailable
Pre-Qualification11th to 12th
Course Apply LinkCustomer Care Executive (Call Centre) – English

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CRM Domestic Non-Voice – Hindi Course

This training will assist you in developing an awareness of abilities relevant to the role of CRM Domestic Non-Voice Job Support Representative. You will be able to acquire comprehensive knowledge of the duties associated with working as a CRM Domestic Non-Voice once you have successfully completed this course. This is a QP-based course, and each of the NOSs will be discussed in detail.

Course Description:

NameCRM Domestic Non-Voice – Hindi
Duration20:00 hours
Related QP *SSC/Q2211 – CRM Domestic Non -Voice ,
AvailabilityAvailable full time
Certification Availability from Knowledge PartnerAvailable
Certification Availability from eSkillIndiaNot Available
Assessment Availability from Knowledge PartnerAvailable
Pre-Qualification9th to 10th
Course Apply LinkCRM Domestic Non-Voice – Hindi

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the NSDC certificate valuable?

Yes, the skills taught by NSDC are very valuable. Skilling helps people find and fill the gaps between what they know and what is needed in their field.

2. What is an eSkill India certificate course?

The goal of eSkill India certificate courses is to give students the skills and knowledge they need to do well in India’s competitive job market. The courses cover a wide range of topics, from how to use computers and software to how to talk to people and help them.

3. What is the use of the Skill India certificate?

The Skill India certificate is a document that certifies that an individual has received training in a particular skill from a government-recognized institution. The certificate is issued by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and is valid for a period of three years.
The certificate can be used by the holder to apply for jobs that require the specified skill or to avail of government schemes and benefits that are linked to the skill. The certificate is also a valuable document for employers, as it helps them to identify candidates who have the required skills for the job.

4. How Can an E-Skill India Certification Course help me to get a Job?

You can get a good job in India if you have an eSkill India certificate. Many employers prefer to hire people who have taken such a course because it shows that you want to improve your chances of getting a job.

5. Is skill India courses are free?

Yes, Skill India Courses are 100% Free Of Cost.

The candidate can learn online and start making money with their own ideas. They can also look for a good job or work from home. Sign up for a Smart Employment Card, and you can start taking these courses for free for life.

6. Is a Skill India Certificate valid for Govt job?

Yes, you can use a certificate course to apply for a government job. In fact, most government jobs require you to have a certificate.

7. How To Get Skill India Certificate?

You can complete the above courses and you will Get a Free Skill India Certificate.

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