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Hello Friends, If you looking for Paid Internship, an Indian Govt Internship, or Paid Internship in Delhi then you are at the right post. Today We are going to share with you TEC Recruitment Drive, a Paid Online Internships for College students India.

About Telecommunication Engineering Centre

The Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) is a technical branch of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT). Its job is to come up with standards, specifications, test procedures, service specifications, and technical regulations for the communication sector.

At TEC Headquarters, the technical work is done by different divisions like Mobile, Radio, IT, IoT, Smart Networks, Next Generation Switching, Transmission, Fixed Access, Future Networks, Telecom Certification, Standardization, etc. Its main office is in New Delhi, and there are regional offices in New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Bengaluru for the Northern, Eastern, Western, and Southern regions.

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Telecommunication Engineering Internship Programme 2022

The TEC Internship Scheme, a paid online internship for high school students, college students, etc., provides an opportunity for students to gain work experience in a range of government departments and organizations. Interns will work on real projects and contribute to the work of the department or organization. The scheme is open to applications from all degree disciplines. Apply now for this paid Internship in Delhi!

Internship Description

Job RoleTEC Internship
SalaryRs. 15,000/-month
Total Vacancies25
Job LocationNew Delhi, India
Last Date31st October 2022

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Objective Of Indian Govt Internships

Through an internship program, TEC wants to find young people with skills in ICT who can help them study, plan, implement, and evaluate different works, projects, policies, etc. Young people with talent will be able to work with the TEC, which will be good for both sides.

It will let the Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Telecommunications TELECOMMUNICATION ENGINEERING CENTRE talk to young scholars and get new ideas and study/research help from them.

At the same time, it will give young scholars a chance to help with TEC work and learn more about the technical work that goes along with it.

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Roles & Responsibilities for Govt Internship Program

The TEC intern must follow the following Code of Conduct, which includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • ➡️The Intern must follow all of the TEC’s rules and regulations.
  • ➡️The Intern must not tell anyone or any organization anything that is secret about TEC/DoT, its work, or its policies.
  • ➡️If they ask the TEC first, interns can show their work to academic groups and at seminars, conferences, and other events. But even for this reason, information that is private to the TEC can never be shared with anyone.
  • ➡️Any papers and documents that the Intern writes and/or publishes should have a note saying that the opinions are the Intern’s own and do not represent or reflect the opinions of the TEC.
  • ➡️Interns will do what the TEC tells them to do when it comes to talking to third parties.
  • ➡️In general, an Intern may not represent the TEC to third parties or talk with them. Depending on the nature of their work, however, some Interns may be given permission to talk to third parties on behalf of the TEC.
  • ➡️No Intern should talk to or represent the TEC to the media (print or electronic), including Facebook, Twitter, etc. handles.
  • ➡️Interns will act in a professional way when working with the TEC and the public in general.
  • ➡️It should be made clear that the responsible Division is solely in charge of how the interns act and what they can do with the data.
  • ➡️During the internship, any work that the intern does for TEC will belong to TEC, and TEC has the right to use that work for its own purposes.
  • ➡️The intern can’t claim intellectual property rights for the work they did at TEC while they were there as an intern. TELECOMMUNICATION ENGINEERING CENTRE is part of the Ministry of Communications Department of Telecommunications. At the same time, it will give young scholars a chance to help with TEC work and learn more about the technical work that goes along with it.


  • ✅The supervisor is in charge of making work plans and schedules, and interns must always follow them.
  • ✅At the end of the internship, the interns will have to give the respective Division a report or paper about the work they did. The officer with whom the intern is working must sign the report to show that the internship was completed successfully.

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Interns Placement

  • ✅The interns would be paired with an officer in one of the TEC’s divisions.
  • ✅At the start of the internship, there will be a workshop for interns to get to know each other.
  • ✅Interns’ work will be checked on by talking with them from time to time.
  • ✅The Divisions/Units in TEC will keep track of the attendance record and the details of the work supervision.

Eligibility Criteria for TEC Internship

  • Indian students from recognized universities in India or abroad who are in their 3rd or 4th year (final or pre-final year) of a Bachelor’s degree program in Electronics/ Communications/ Telecommunication/ Radio/ Information Technology/ Computers/ Electrical Engineering or a related field and have earned at least 60%.
  • ✅Indian Citizens who have earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics, Communications, Telecommunications, Radio, Information Technology, Computers, Electrical Engineering, or a similar field in the last year with a grade of at least 60%.
  • ✅Applicants who have finished a postgraduate or master’s degree program in electronics, communications, telecommunications, radio, information technology, computers, electrical engineering, or a related field within the last year with at least 60%.
  • ✅In cases where it makes sense, the qualifications can be lowered based on the needs of the TEC, the advice of the Selection Committee, and the approval of the Head of the TEC.
  • ✅Having the minimum qualifications listed above does not mean that you will get an internship in TEC.
  • ✅Based on the need, candidates with experience in the area of the internship they want, a good academic background, and higher qualifications will be given more weight.

Duration Of The TEC Internship

  • ✅The internship must last at least 6 months and can last up to a maximum of 12 months or a year as per the business requirement.
  • ✅An intern can stay longer than six months if he or she asks for it, the head of the intern’s division recommends it, and the head of the TEC agrees.

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Interns will be needed to bring their own laptops for this Paid Internship Programme, TEC Internship at the assigned location.

Support By the Indian Government During the Internship

TEC will give them a place to work, Internet access at work, and whatever else the Head of the Division thinks they need.

Stipend During TEC Internship Programme 2022

  • ➡️Every intern will get a token payment of Rs. 15,000/- per month, based on how important they are.
  • ➡️The payment will be made at the end of the month if the work has been done well and has been accepted by the concerned division.

TEC Internship Experience Certification

On successful completion of the Internship and submission of the Report duly signed and accepted by the competent authority as stated above, a Certificate shall be issued by the concerned Division in the format given in Annexure-III.

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Selection Criteria/Selection Process Of Telecommunication Internship Scheme

  • ➡️After a first look to see who is eligible, the applications of the candidates who made the cut will be given to the selection committee. With the approval of the Head of TEC, a committee of three DDsG/Directors will be put together.
  • ➡️If needed, the selection committee can do an interview in person or over the phone.
  • ➡️No travel or lodging expenses will be covered for candidates to attend the personal interview.
  • ➡️After talking with academic institutions, TEC can also find interns for specific work domains or areas.
  • ➡️TEC may shortlist the applications, limit the number of applicants to be called for a certain period, and decide how to screen them based on the number of applications they receive.
  • ➡️If the applicant is going to school, he or she will have to show a letter from their supervisor/head of department/school saying that they are a student there and that they have “no objection” to the student doing an internship for the period for which he or she has been chosen before joining.
  • ➡️The internship is not a job, and it does not guarantee a job with the TEC.

How To Apply For This TEC Internship?

In response to TEC’s advertisement/notification, interested and qualified applicants must send their applications, CVs, and areas of work interest on the required application form (Annexure-II) to the designated office of TEC. These applications must come from the school where the applicant is currently enrolled.

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