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Enroll in this free online Excel course to learn how to use Excel to deal with Data Analytics concepts such as Data Visualization and Data Wrangling, as well as other related topics. Acquire the skills necessary to give presentations and construct graphs with the fundamental tools and formulae of Excel.

About Excel For Beginners Courses

Excel for Beginners is a free, two-hour online course developed for Excel beginners. This well-structured Excel course will begin with an introduction to Excel and on to cover its different capabilities. This free online course will familiarize you with Cell references, Tables and Borders, fundamental Formulas and Functions, Sorting, Filtering, Data and Time, and If-else conditions. You will be taught descriptive statistics functions such as Average, Median, Count, and Max as part of your online Excel education. After completing the lecture videos, you will be expected to complete a quiz that will assess your course understanding. You will receive a completion certificate if you pass the examination.

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What You Will Learn In this Advanced Excel Course?

  • Cell Referencing
  • Tables and Borders in Excel
  • Date and Time in Excel
  • Sorting and Filtering
  • If-Else condition
  • General functions in Descriptive Analysis

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Excel
  • Cell Referencing in Excel
  • Tables and Borders in Excel
  • Basic Functions and Formula in Excel
  • Sorting in Excel
  • Filtering in Excel
  • Date and Time in Excel
  • If-Else condition in Excel
  • General Functions in Descriptive Analysis in Excel

Why You Should Learn This Course?

By Completing this course, you have an opportunity to get hired by the top recruiting company like Google, VISA, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.


-You will get Free Excel Course Certificate for free of cost.

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For more Understanding, you can follow the below video:

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