CIET Online Training On Game-Based Learning 2022 | Free Game Development Course With Certificate

Over the last three decades, games have become an increasingly common tool for educational simulations, training, and instruction in a variety of settings, including enterprises, government agencies, and academic institutions.

Hello Friends, by considering the above points in mind, CIET-NCERT launched the Game-Based Learning Programme for students and professionals. Anyone who is familiar with e-learning is bound to learn this Game-Based Learning Programme by the Govt. of India.

Game-Based Learning is in Action nowadays, as with the fast-moving world, various technologies have been implemented to develop the world and grow the world. And Scientists, Engineers are trying to discover the formula that will boost online corporate training and how some companies are already implementing Game-Based Learning successfully.

As we are aware of the fact that, video games are interactive and assist professionals to attain their full potential so they can improve the performance of their businesses.

About Online Training on “Game-Based Learning”

The National Education Policy (NEP), 2020 places a significant understanding of the connection between education and technological advancement. The NEP 2020 initiative has the goal of establishing standards that will encourage the creation of digital content, which will ultimately lead to the improvement of the teaching and learning process. When students are presented with learning materials that enlighten and deepen the process of knowledge exchange, they are able to gain knowledge in the most effective manner. Students participate in game-based learning, which is a method in which games are explored by the students inside the framework of a learning environment that is established by the facilitators.

Learning is a process that occurs via repetition, the experience of failure, and the achievement of goals. This is the fundamental idea that underpins any method of instruction. The use of these fundamental ideas through gaming can improve education. Students make progress toward a goal by making decisions, carrying out those decisions, and then experiencing the results of those choices. They participate actively in learning the proper method to do things and then practise doing those things in the most enjoyable way imaginable. This leads to active learning as opposed to passive learning, which keeps us actively engaged in the practice of actions and thinking processes that are easily transferable from the simulated environment to real life.

The creation of video games not only requires an understanding of technological principles but also of many approaches to problem-solving. It has been demonstrated that playing digital games can contribute to an individual’s overall growth and development. It does this by encouraging students to think analytically and logically, as well as by enhancing their ability to think collaboratively.

The CIET-NCERT is organising a five-day online training on “Game-Based Learning” from June 20-24, 2022, as part of the online training series, in an effort to leverage the understanding of teachers, students, teacher educators, and various stakeholders on the exploration and utilisation of digital games for teaching, learning, and assessment in order to enrich the classroom experiences. This effort is intended to enrich the classroom experiences by leveraging the understanding of teachers, students, teacher educators, and various stakeholders.

Objective Of CIET-NCERT Online Training

The purpose of this online course is to orient instructors, teacher-educators, and students, as well as many stakeholders, to know more about digital games related to the teaching, learning, and evaluation of particular disciplines.

Who Can Enroll In this Course?

Students, Teachers, Teacher Educators, Parents, Administrators, General Public, etc.

Course Curriculum For Game Development Online Course

Day & DateTitle of the sessionsResource PersonsBannerVideo Link
Day-1: Monday
Games-Based Learning – Policy Perspectives, Need, and ScopeProf. Amarendra P. Behera,
Joint Director, CIET-NCERT

Prof. R C Sharma,
Associate Professor, Ambedkar University,New Delhi
Prof. Indu Kumar,
Professor, CIET-NCERT
Day 1Video
Day-2: Tuesday
Use of Digital Games in Teaching, Learning, and AssessmentProf. Indu Kumar,
Professor, CIET-NCERT
Day 2
Day-3: Wednesday
Exploring Digital Games for Learning
Day-4: Thursday
Development of Digital Games using LumiMs. Sushumna Rao
Tadinada, Ed-Tech trainer – Mentor, Learning Management System Ethiraj College for Women
Day-5: Friday
Development of Digital Games using Scratch
For more Understanding, you can follow the below video:

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