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Are you pursuing a degree in one of the STEM fields, or are you thinking about a career in one of those fields? Are you interested in honing your skills by applying them to actual business issues?

If Yes, then this post is specially intended for you guys to kickstart your career in Deloitte or by joining Deloitte Virtual Experience Programme 2022.

You will gain profound insights into what it is really like to work at Deloitte as you progress through the Deloitte STEM Connect Virtual Experience Program. This experience can be featured on your resume and LinkedIn profile. Show that you’re driven and diligent and that you’ve acquired important practical skills.

What is Stem Connect Deloitte Virtual Programme?

The Deloitte STEM Connect virtual experience program is an online course that simulates the work you would do if you were employed by Deloitte. Students who are interested in pursuing jobs in STEM-related fields are the target audience for this program, which allows them to learn at their own speed and is free of charge.

In this Deloitte Virtual Training – Forage, Students will be able to interact with leading businesses while participating in virtual work experience programs that imitate the work performed there. You can master the required tools and abilities necessary to execute tasks that mimic an employee’s work day in as little as five or six hours.

  • There is neither an application nor prior experience necessary.
  • You can learn highly relevant skills whenever you want, whenever you want, and at whatever speed you want.
  • Your skills are more important than the contacts you have.

Why Do You Need To Join This Virtual Experience Programme?

Cyber technology, forensic investigations, data analytics, platform engineering, and programming are all things that are covered in this course. Intrigued? Check out the opportunities that await you at Deloitte with the degree that you’ve earned. We name ourselves a professional services organization, but in reality, we’re just a group of motivated individuals working to solve some of the most pressing problems that Australia is facing right now.

Because the future cannot wait, and neither can you, we are working to find solutions to the issues facing us today while also making plans for the future.

We are aware that you are eager to get started, and we are here to provide assistance. We hope that by participating in our Virtual Experience Program, you will gain the knowledge, experience, and self-assurance necessary to pursue a career in one of the STEM fields. Now is the time for you to investigate and make progress in the fields that most inspire you. The reason for this is that here at Deloitte, we won’t prescribe a career path for you; rather, we’ll assist you in developing your own.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to learn about the fascinating career paths that are available to you at Deloitte.

Help us take on the most pressing problems that Australia is facing in the present and build a future that we have control over.

Course Curriculum

  • Coding
  • Data Analysis
  • Development
  • Cyber Security
  • Forensic Technology
For more Understanding, you can follow the below video:

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