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Hello Tech Enthusiasts, this post is to inform you about the Free Internship Virtual Training From Forage for everyone. Join this Internship Programme to increase your digital skills, enhance your technical skills and intelligence, digital intelligence and advance your knowledge, and make India Digital. Get Real Skills with real outcomes to get a job in Top MNCs.

About this Virtual Experience Programme

The Virtual Case Experience in Digital Intelligence envisions a company-wide systematic and coordinated application of new technology that affects all personnel and processes. We all know that digital transformation sets a new bar and encourages businesses to gain a significant competitive edge. So join us on this exciting trip and learn about tech-powered enablement, real-time analytics, change management programmes, and scoring algorithms, as well as PwC’s Digital Intelligence employment opportunities.

Why You Should Join this Virtual Experience Progrmme?

This Virtual Case Experience in Digital Assurance will provide you with valuable insights into a new world of auditing, as well as how we leverage analytics and mining tools to assist organizations in better understanding their data, processes, and controls. You’ll be a part of our team, feel the atmosphere, and see how we help our customers make smarter business decisions in our Virtual Case Experience.

Perks & Benefits

  • This Virtual Case Experience is free for students
  • This experience is self-paced. It takes 7-8 hours to complete this Virtual Case Experience
  • Get practical skills and experience from PwC
  • Free Certificate

What are you going to Learn?


Responsible AI

Quant Finance Modelling

Data Analytics Strategy

Predictive Health Care

Predictive and Statistical Modelling

What is the Impact of Digital Intelligence in our society?

Digital Intelligence, a key competence for the future of work for both individuals and organizations, in addition to the more traditional business skills. It is part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s continuous development, which includes market globalization, digitization of work and organizations. It follows in the footsteps of other emerging technologies such as the “internet of things,” big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and, soon, quantum computing.

One of the roles of schools in the future will be to assist students in developing their digital intelligence so that they can readily adjust to changes and deal with potential technology dangers.

Digital intelligence is defined as the ability to learn and use new skills and information in the areas of social, mobile, analytics, cloud, and, more lately, cybersecurity. It addresses the what, why, where, when, who, how, and how much of digital technology to improve our operational efficiency and outcomes, rather than just the ability to use digital technologies. Emotional intelligence is primarily about our relationship with others, while digital intelligence is fundamentally about our engagement with technology.

To be clear, digital intelligence does not refer to the employment of digital technologies at the expense of human ability; rather, it refers to the relative strengths of people and technology, as well as how we may leverage those strengths to our advantage. We develop our digital intelligence as we interact with all of these diverse digital devices. Unlike IQ, which is widely thought to be a genetically established intelligence, our DQ, or digital quotient, is something we can develop over time by engaging with digital technology in a deliberate and progressive manner. Individual and organizational refinement are both involved in this process.

Join this Free Certification program to become skilled in Machine Learning(ML), Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, the most emerging and in-demand skills nowadays, everyone is looking for highly skilled professionals students or Data Science Enthusiasts. You will also learn about financial management, finance handling, etc.

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