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Hello Friends, Do you have dreams of making a successful career in Data Visualization? Are you also searching for a better course to educate yourself in the same subject? Are you willing to try new things and have a positive attitude?

Great! In order to take the next step in the global expansion of TATA company, launched a virtual experience program in Data Visualization.

About TATA Group

Tata Group is a worldwide corporation that operates in more than one hundred countries on six continents, with the aim to “better the quality of life of the people we serve globally via the generation of long-term stakeholder value based on Leadership with Trust.” In 2021-22, the companies will earn $128 billion (INR 9.6 trillion) and employ nearly 935,000 people. There are 29 publicly traded Tata companies, many of which are industry leaders.

About Data Visualization Free Internship

The Data Visualization Free Virtual Experience Program provides high-quality, online resources to help you learn how to create data visualizations. These resources include online tutorials, video lectures, and interactive exercises. You can also download free software and tools to help you visualize your data.

The Data Visualization Free Virtual Experience Program is available to anyone, regardless of their experience or skill level. You can access the program from any computer with internet access.

Why should you join this virtual experience program for data visualization in 2022?

One of TATA’s businesses, Tata Insights and Quants, also known as Tata iQ, is offering this virtual experience program. You will learn how our passionate, multidisciplinary experts solve some of the most difficult business problems using data visualization tools like Tableau and Power BI. You will also find out how they create amazing stories that are hidden in the mountains of data that are generated.

This program will give you an inside look at the kinds of problems that Tata Insights and Quants solve every day, and it will also try to simulate the kinds of problems that you will face.

How Will This do Internship Benefit You In Your Professional Career?

Make your resume and LinkedIn profile stand out to your potential.
Bring attention to both your resume and your LinkedIn profile.
You can write about this experience on your resume and in your Linkedin profile. Show that you are ambitious, that you work hard, and that you have practical skills that are relevant to the job that you want.

Proceed at your own pace for your own advantage.
Take as much time as you need.
Even if you have a full schedule, you should still find time to join the Data Visualization: Empowering Business with Effective Insights Program. You can learn at your own pace and make progress toward your own goals.

The benefit of Being Able to Earn a Certificate
Get a Certificate of Completion
After you finish the Data Visualisation: Empowering Business with Effective Insights Programme, you will get a personalised completion certificate that you can show to potential employers and share with your professional network.

Course/Syllabus Content: What You Will Learn Here?

Framing the Business Scenario

Practical skills you will gain from working on this task:

  • Visualization
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Interpretation

Choosing the Right Visuals

Earn which visuals are most effective in a given scenario

  • Data Visualisation
  • Charts & Graphs
  • Visual Basics

Creating Effective Visuals

Apply you’re under and create visuals based on business scenarios

  • Data Visualisation
  • Dashboard
  • Data Cleanup

Communicating Insights and Analysis

Your findings need to be effectively communicated, and you need to explain how they pertain to each case.

  • Analysis & Presentation
  • Effective Communication
  • Analytics & Insights
For more Understanding, you can follow the below video:

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