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Hello Folks, Here is an opportunity to learn this free course from DEV GYM, the best oracle course for beginners learning program. This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge needed to successfully administer Oracle databases. This is a good opportunity for anyone who wants to learn about databases. So get Started With Oracle Cloud Free Tier Oracle Database Foundations. You can learn something useful for free in this oracle SQL developer training.

Databases for Developers: Foundations

This Course offers newcomers how to write good Oracle SQL queries for creating, modifying, and editing Oracle SQL databases.

You will gain proficiency in creating and changing databases as well as get an understanding of the fundamentals of the Oracle database as you explore the platform.

In this pl SQL free online course, All the topics are self-contained and explained in a very easy way to understand. Each module will consist of video lectures, practicals, downloads (if any), and assignments for your better understanding.

Here you will learn about different SQL queries for example:

Section: Data Models
Section: Relational Database Concept
Section: ANSI/ISO SQL Standard
Section: Programming Structures and Methods
Section: Oracle Architecture
Section: Database Objects
Section: Query Language (DDL, DML)
Section: Retrieving Data Using the SQL SELECT Statement

Course Modules

Learn about the types of tables available in Oracle Database, their uses, and how to use create tables.
Columns and Data Types
When defining columns in a table, you need to choose a data type for them. This class you about the common SQL data types and their uses.
Data Modeling
Deciding where to store what is one of the fundamental decisions you make when building a database. This class gives an overview of the things you need to consider when designing your tables.
Tables, Columns, and Modeling Review
A series of quizzes to recap the material from modules 1-3.
Select and Where
Learn how to use a select statement to get your
rows from your database. And filter these data using a where clause.
This module teaches you about the different types of SQL join: inner, left and right outer, full, and cross.
Aggregates and Group By
This class covers how you can summarize your data using aggregate functions and group by.
Select, Joins, and Group By Review
A chance to recap and catch up on modules 5-7 covering the basics of SQL queries: select, join, and group by.
Insert and Commit
Learn how to use the insert to load data into your database tables. And save and undo your changes with commit and rollback.
Update and Transactions
Master the basics of changing values in your tables with the update statement. This module also covers the concept of a transaction: a single, logical unit of work.
Delete and Truncate
Learn how to remove data from your database using the delete and truncate. This class covers the differences between these operations and when you should use one or the other.
Insert, Update and Delete Review
A final set of quizzes to check you’ve understood the material on insert, update, delete, and truncate. Complete the course to get your certificate!

For more Understanding, you can follow the below video:

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