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Hello Learners, this post is to inform you about an International Online Competition 2021 on Commerce and Management, recently organized by the Department Of Commerce, Mar Elias College College, Kottappady. MECCA (Mar Elias College Commerce Association) under IQAC. Interested students can easily apply this by filling google form which is given below as apply link at the bottom. Anyone can apply for this Online Quiz Competition and get a verified certificate from a renowned or recognized organization.


Studies in Commerce Management combine theory and practice. It’s important to note that the first two semesters are spent on campus. You will participate in classroom instruction that is based on real-world situations, as well as company visits, study trips, and case studies.

During the third and fourth semesters, you will have the opportunity to put your theoretical knowledge to the test by participating in an internship. This culminates in a final project and oral presentation.

Each of the following core areas is addressed in the program:

  • Communication
  • The Company is a private limited company.
  • Markets and Societies are interrelated.
  • Trade

Commerce includes the transactions of buying and selling for a predetermined objective which is PROFIT in most cases while on the contrary Management includes planning, organizing, directing, motivating, and controlling that transaction with optimum utilization of resources.

Commerce is the conduct of trade amongst economic agents. Generally, commerce refers to the interchange of goods, services, or something of value, between
businesses or objects. Management is the organization and coordination of the movements of a business in order to accomplish defined intentions. According to Drucker, the term management refers to both a title within an organization and a set of operative skills. Ideally, both descriptors should be adequately consolidated in the performances of managers however many embrace a mindset of entitlement in the rank and illustrate poor functional abilities. It is clear that with so many governmental agencies committed to the fostering and progression of commerce and commercial growth, there exist weak links between the management of these agencies. Therefore we must take a closer look at the similarity between commerce and management.


Profitability and sustainability require commerce and management. Nations benefit from the establishment of government agencies responsible for the promotion and management of their own policies. They engage in commerce to increase economic growth and the standard of living for themselves and their families citizens. It is vitally important to understand the relationship between commerce and the environment without proper commerce management, the world is left in ruins. The world is in a state of meltdown. Commerce management is important because it is vital to the success of a company’s operations good relations with other countries. In addition, it facilitates the growth and development of Globalization has a positive impact on the economy.

Come on guys, do participate in this international quiz competition online/online international quiz competition/ online quiz competition, and get a recognized certificate from the organization of commerce and management, This is an online quiz competition with a certificate/e-certificate. Apply Link is given below.

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