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Hello Folks, if you are looking for a Winter Internship or searching for a paid Internship in any recognized organization, then you are reading the right post. We have kind like a amazing piece of news for you all.

Infosys recently launched a Winter Intership or Winternship, where you will get real time digital experience in different real time Research projects. You will get hand on experience as a Research Developer.

About Infosys Winternship 2022

Come and take a look at what’s coming up next. Winternship is a 76-day internship program that we offer to 500 engineering students in India who are studying computer science or IT. The program starts in December and ends in April, during the winter and spring seasons.

As a part of their education, Winternship gives students the chance to finish our world-famous training and work on a project.

During the internship, students get paid to work on real projects in Hyderabad, Chennai, or Mangalore.

At Winternship, you get mentorship, take classes on everything from big data to open systems, work on projects with Infosys employees, and learn soft skills.

Interns get a certificate of completion and an earlier date to start working at Infosys if they do a good job.

Contact the placement office at your school to find out more.

About Infosys Summer Internship

The Infosys Summer Internship is an exclusive program for management graduates from certain business schools in the country. It gives them the chance to work on real projects and challenging tasks at Infosys, meet people from different teams, learn from experts and leaders in their field, and get a chance to interview with different business units before they are hired.

You could join the Infosys Summer Internship if you have a degree in management from one of our partner business schools in India. During the eight weeks, you will work on different projects with different teams at Infosys. Based on the midterm and final evaluations, the best performers will have the chance to interview with their business unit before being hired. Contact your institute’s placement office for more details.

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