Infosys Summer Internship 2022 | Free Internship With Free Certificate & Stipend

Hello Friends, as we know that technology is growing rapidly and machines are getting smarter by the day, which means automation is increasingly integrating our daily lives. To keep up with the pace of change, we need to prepare the next generation of technologists to work with real-world applications of technology. Infosys have designed Summer internship program for students to explore their engineering skills and get a taste of working in the real world.

Infosys would like to train and mould these future technocrats. With its summer internship training program Infosys aims to expose interns to these trending areas such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, cyber security, business development, etc, give them real life implementation experience and equip them with the skills that they need to develop into well-rounded technocrats.

About Infosys Summer Internship 2022

The Infosys Summer Internship Program is a unique and extraordinary opportunity to start your career on the right foot. The program will broaden your horizons and put you on the path to becoming a thought leader and change-maker in your field.

Infosys Internship is an 8-week training program and the last month of the internship can be used to convert the internship into full-time employment. The internship program provides a great opportunity to learn, to get hands-on experience on challenging projects in trending technology areas such as AI, Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Machine Modernization, IT, IoT, Mobile Application Development, Business Case Development, Business Planning, Competitive Intelligence, Consulting and many more, truly, an internship like no other, and the chance to prove yourself. You will be working directly with some of the leading technologists and business people in the world to tackle some of the most important problems facing business today.

Highlights of the Summer Internship Programme


Each student works directly with a mentor and his team through the internship. Projects are offered in trending areas such as AI, Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Business Case Development, Business Planning, Consulting, and Go-to-market Strategy to name a few.

  • YOU Choose For YOUR PROJECT.

On the InStep site (, you select a project of your choice.


Because InStep provides you with a platform to work with students from prominent colleges around the world, you can expand your network globally.

  • INSTEPPER TO INFORMATION (A great avenue to land a full-time position)

A chance to turn your internship into a full-time position in one of Infosys’ 50+ offices around the world. After graduation, interns would transfer into a full-time BDE career with us at Infosys.


The inStep is a distinguished 22-year-old program whose alumni are prominent figures in organizations all around the world. A fantastic way to communicate with them.


We provide you an interesting opportunity to learn about India, its customs, languages, and dance forms at InStep.

Duration of internship:

8 weeks

Mode of Internship:

Remote/on-site (Subject to COVID-19 guidelines)

For more Understanding, you can follow the below video:

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