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Human Resource Management

Human resource management is the process of hiring, deploying, and managing the people who work for an organization (HRM). Usually, it’s up to the HR department of an organization to develop, implement, and manage HR policies that control workers and ensure they follow policies and procedures, as well as how the organization interacts with its employees.

HRM is concerned with everything that has to do with hiring, paying, managing performance, growing the business, and training employees. HRM is a strategic way of managing people and the culture and environment of the workplace.

HRM stands for Human Resource Management. “HRM” stands for “Human Resource Management.” This is a way of running a business that focuses on the employees as assets. People who work for a company are called “human capital.” HRM’s main goal is to reduce risk, improve return on investment (ROI), and help the organization reach its short- and long-term goals.

What you will get from this course

  • Key Ideas About Human Resources
  • Management of a business and strategy
  • Planning for the workforce and getting a job
  • Pay and Benefits for Human Resource Development
  • Employees and the Workplace
  • Risk Management

Who can Read this Course

  • Young HR pros who are just starting out in their careers
  • Professionals with a lot of experience who want to get ahead in the HR field Professionals with a lot of experience who want to prove themselves as HR leaders
  • After you finish this program, you can apply for certification with groups like The Human Resources Certification Institute

Human Resource Management Free Certificate

In this course, we start with something simple, like figuring out the mean, and then move on to more complicated things, like text analytics. So, we cover everything from statistics to machine learning techniques regarding HR analytics. In this online HR course, you will learn how to find, analyze, and show HR data to help you make decisions and suggestions. You will improve your analytical skills so that you can use analysis and stories to make decisions. By using data analytics, you will be able to look at some of the most common HR problems. It will help you figure out how HR initiatives affect your business and how much money you get back from them. By the end of this program, you’ll have learned the strategic and organized steps you need to take to do well in HR analytics. With this program, you can speed up your career by helping your company get a better return on employee investment (ROI).

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