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Hello Friends, there is some amazing news for everyone, ISRO recently launched an Online Knowledge portal,Antriksh Jigyasa” To provide Free Space Science education.

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has created a virtual platform called “Antriksh Jigyasa,” which is a knowledge portal for space education and exploring space technology and its uses through STEM.

This portal is for passionate learners who want to improve their skills, so read on to learn more about these amazing courses.

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About IIRS

The Indian Institute of Remote Sensing was founded in 1966, and it is still the best place for research, higher education, and training in the fields of remote sensing, geoinformatics, and GPS technology for natural resources, environmental, and disaster management.

About ISRO

ISRO is India’s national space organization. Its headquarters are in Bengaluru, and India’s Prime Minister is in charge of it. It was set up by Dr. Vikram Sarabhai on August 15, 1969. The person who is in charge of ISRO is also the head of the Department of Space.

Highlights About Antriksh Jigyasa Online Education Portal

  • The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has released a new digital platform called Antriksh Jigya, which means “Space Curiosity.”
  • The portal is made to help students by giving them access to the most up-to-date online learning materials about space science, technology, and applications.

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Components of Antriksh Jigyasa

Shiksha Gagan

It is a virtual platform for active learning that lets people take online courses at their own pace about space science, technology, and how they can be used. Learners can sign up for and log in to ISRO E-CLASS Learning Management System (LMS) through the platform. This gives them access to e-learning content and study materials. For the learners to get a course completion certificate, they have to follow the course rules and take part in online activities and tests. There are Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for the courses (MOOC). The login information will be active for the first three months, during which time the course must be finished.

Space Vaarta

Is the voice of ISRO scientists, who talk about the theory behind scientific concepts related to specific areas of space science, technology, and applications, as well as their experience with putting the systems into action and the success stories and results of major space missions. It’s an interactive show for people who have signed up to listen. But the live sessions will also be broadcast on social media to reach a wide audience. Users who have signed up can post questions during the live session, and the subject matter expert will answer the questions that are chosen.


It’s a place where kids can show off their imagination, creativity, and skills related to astronomy, astrophysics, space, and other related topics. After signing up, kids can use the platform to share their creative photos, paintings, drawings, and videos. ISRO looks at these creative ideas on a regular basis and rewards the best ones in the right way.


It is an online platform where young innovators can share their ideas, research results, models, software, tools and techniques, problem-solving methods, or any other creative and innovative solutions. Students can send in their proposals by giving a short description of their innovation and a short attachment with a statement about how it solves a problem. ISRO looks at these creative ideas on a regular basis and rewards the best ones in the right way.

Space Quiz

It is a place where young students can take quizzes online. The event-based space quiz will have questions about science, technology, and applications in space. ISRO makes regular announcements about the space quiz, which is a time-bound activity. Students have to take the online quiz, and if they get at least one passing grade, ISRO will give them a certificate that says they finished the quiz. It is a place where you can show what you know about space science and technology.

SPARK stands for Space Park.

SPARK is ISRO’s first 3D virtual space tech park. It has a museum, a theater, an observatory, a garden with life-sized rockets, a lakeside cafe, a children’s play area, and many other things to do. Inside the main building of the museum, you can use the virtual facility to look at different displays about ISRO’s achievements, satellites, and launch vehicles. Visitors can also look at documents about all of the top scientists who helped make ISRO successful. The organization said that the beta version of the app can be found on its website.

Benefits of ISRO STEM Certified 3 New Courses

  • This an incredible opportunity to take a course developed by IRO specialists
  • After demonstrating that you have successfully completed the course, you will undoubtedly receive a completion certificate.

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