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what is a government internship program?

An internship is an opportunity for a student to gain personal experience and work experience under the guidance of a qualified and experienced Supervisor / Mentor. It also aims to actively participate in the learning process by trying and applying the knowledge gained in the classroom. For the benefit of the larger student community and for the purpose of advising the management/implementation of its various programs/programs, the Department of Technology and Information Technology has decided to introduce these “Guidelines”, providing a framework for student engagement for a limited period of time.

Indian students from renowned Indian universities who obtained at least 60% marks in the final grade or examination and strive for BE / B.Tech, ME / M.Tech/ M.Sc (Electronics) / MCA / DoEACC ‘B’ level / LL.B will be eligible.
Note: – Students who are in the last semester or who will pass in the summer of 2021 will not be able to get an internship. Only students from last year will be eligible.
LL.B students will be considered for training only in place of the ‘Cyber ​​Law / IT Act’.
Getting a lower degree as above will not guarantee job training in the Department. Those who are allowed to be offered a place in the targeted internship who have a good educational background and a high degree, depending on the need will be given a choice.

Working time:
Work will be offered once a year. The minimum training period will be two months, extended to three months, depending on the candidate’s performance, the Minister’s requirements, and the Intern’s intention to spend with the Department.

Study Area:
The internship will be offered in New Delhi.

How to Apply
Visit the URL, click on Digital India Internship Scheme-> Apply for Internship
Register as an applicant (if you are not yet registered).
Click Apply for Service or log in
Enter the username, password, and Captcha code provided and click Send.
Once logged in, in the left menu click Apply for services and then click View Services Click on ‘Apply’

Interested and qualified students need to apply online ONLY in the 2021 Web Portal of the Ministry of Program.
Letter of Recommendation from the Support / Forwarding Center to which the applicant is currently registered.
Upon obtaining marks for qualification pursuits CGPA, a letter from the Institute stating the formula used for percentage conversion.
Passport size photo and signature in digital format (png, jpg)

(i) Interns will be screened and selected by organizations / Groups / Categories specific to their respective backgrounds.
(ii) Student apprenticeships, personal interviews or Skype, can be made, if necessary. No TA / DA will be paid to nominees for personal interviews.
(iii) A list of shortlisted candidates will be displayed on the website.

(i) The entire Student or Apprentices group, as the case may be, will have a Supervisor / Mentor Scientific / technical Project from the Department.
(ii) Internships are not a job or a guarantee of employment with the Department.

Token Renewal
(i) Token payout of Rs.10,000 / – per month will be paid to the Internal Officer, subject to satisfactory performance, officially confirmed by his Supervisor / Mentor.
(ii) Remuneration will be payable upon completion of the on-the-job training upon submission of a Report approved by the Department.

Internship Certificate
Certificates will be issued by the Ministry to the Interns upon completion of training and submission of the relevant Report signed and approved by the Competent Authority.

For better information, you can watch the below video,

how to apply for a government internship?

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