Free T-shirts For Everyone | Selectors Hub Free Hoodies & Certificate in 2021

Hello Peers, this post is to inform you about one chrome web browser extension, Selectors Hub, FREE Next Gen XPath & CSS selector IDE. Recently, Selectors Hub decided to launch their Free T-shirts and provide Free T-shirts to Everyone. You have to chance to win free goodies, hoodies, and free printed T-shirts.

Get Free T-shirts by just giving one test, and some enjoying stuffs. 

About Selectors Hub

SelectorsHub is a free browser extension that allows you to construct your own XPath and CSSSelector in under 5 seconds using the auto suggest feature.

SelectorsHub auto-suggests all conceivable functions, attributes, elements, text, and everything, along with their occurrences, as you type, allowing you to finish Selectors like xpath and cssSelector in less than 5 seconds. To build XPath and cssSelector, we no longer need to copy and paste attribute data from the DOM, html DOM. Axes such as siblings, parents, childNodes, ancestors, and descendants are also supported. For improper syntax, such as what is lacking in Selector, it displays the appropriate error message. With a single click, it also creates all conceivable selectors. It makes easy DOM manipulation. DOM full form is Document Object Model.

ShadowDOM, nested shadow DOM, iframe, react router dom, javascript dom, dom based xss, dom tree, dom parser, dom in javascript, nested iframes, SVG elements, dynamic dropdown, submenu, and dynamic invisible elements are all supported. It is compatible with all browsers.

What is Selectors Hub Certification Contest?

Selectors Hub Free Certification Contest is a Free Quiz Contest, or Free Online Quiz Competition 2021 on the topic selectors hub. Here, you will get free participation certificate, e-certificate for free of cost. Also, you have a chance to win free t-shirts or hoodies, or free selectors hub t-shirts. 3 lucky winners will get a chance to win Selectors Hub Free T-shirts.

Procedure to Get Free T-shirts-

1) Score 100% marks in the first attempt.
2) Share your certificate in the LinkedIN post. Tag SelectorsHub & Sanjay Kumar in that post.
3) Give SelectorsHub a 5* rating here.
4) Add certificate in your LinkedIn profile (Steps to add)
5) Share the link of LinkedIN post & rating’s screenshot with us on

Winner Selection Criteria

Every week, at least three lucky winners will receive the T-shirt. SelectorsHub will choose the winners based on factors such as whether or not the candidate has attempted the certification.

Time and Place of the Announcement of the Winner

  1. After winning the T-shirt, when will you get it?

    Post announcement, T-Shirt will be ordered within 2 days and it will be delivered to you within 15 days. Delivery might get delayed due to covid situation.

  2. Can I get the T-Shirt if my name is not there in lucky winners?

    Yes, you can get it by paying 450INR. Please send a mail at with the subject “I want to buy the T-shirt”.

  3. I followed all the rules and completed all the steps but why my name is not there in winner list?

    There could be some possibilities-
    1. You might have attempted the quiz through mobile. In reality one can’t clear the quiz without solving it on laptop. There are mandatory question which required the laptop.
    2.  You might not have signed up with the same email id and not attempted Mandatory Section 3 with the same email id.
    3. You might have completed some the mandatory steps and missed one of them.
    4. You might have attempted the quiz multiple times to score 100% with different email.
    5. Only one T-shirt will be awarded to one particular address.

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