Free Goodies & Swags | Google Free Campaign | Share Your Culture Campaign Program 2021

Hello Tech Enthusiasts or Programmers, this post is to inform you about the Free Online Campaign, recently launched by Google. Google Crowdsourcing is one of the Google Products among the list of google products. Through this campaign, you will able to enhance your learning skills, problem solving skills, analytical skills, visual skills, recognition skills, etc.

About Google Crowdsource

Google Crowdsource is a crowdsourcing platform, it is the mission started by Google to make the world accessible to everyone. Google Crowdsource is something that helps solving plenty of issues by taking public response. Google Crowdsoucing is a India’s biggest platform, an awesome and creative platform which is taking response of the people in improving their own experience.

The people around the world who have a diversity of civilizations and cultures, who speak different languages, having different traditions and have different foodstuffs. This data is useful to make the Google products useful that you use in day to day life like Google Search, Translate, Google Assistant etc.  using modern technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Google, a great searching, learning platform which improves or enhance our skills, makes surfing easy for everyone. Google also provide lost of free courses such as digital marketing course, google ads free certification course, free education courses,online education programs, online education degree, etc to improve your marketing skills, etc. Google also have list of all Google products which is helpful in our day-to-day life.all google products.

About this Campaign

Great opportunity launched/provided by Google through this Free Campaign towards making Google products more comprehensive in coming generation. For accessing this crowdsourcing platform, either you need to download the Application(APP) using Google playstore for Andriid/iphone Users or you can access directly though your web browser and be a part of this campaign through starting your contribution.

List/numbers of ways which you can contribute through Image Capture, Image Verification, Translation Validation, Handwriting recognition and many more. Just go through and check the Crowdsoucing platform.

Steps for starting your Contribution-

  • First you need to download the crowdsource app or open it in your chrome or any other web browsers.
  • After that you need to fill the Google form, given below. You will find the link at Apply Link button.
  • Then, you need to read the FAQs carefully with an open eye, your doubts definitely will be cleared.
  • Then, Just start your contribution. Enjoy !! this.
Campaign Name#ShareYourCulture Campaign
ProductsGoogle Products (launched by Google)
PlatformGoogle Crowdsource
Started at 10th July 2021
End Date31st July 2021
Free YES
PerksFree Hoodies & Swags


  • The top contributors will be eligible for swags ( Let it be a surprise! )
  • Top 5 contributors in this campaign 
  • Top 2 contributor in Image Capture Task (minimum contribution of 200 pics)
  • Top 2 contributor in Translation Task (minimum contribution of 300 translations)

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I contribute again in this Google Campaign, as I have already Contributed?, Can I participate again?

Yes, you can participate again. But the contributions made after filling the form will be counted towards contribution for this campaign.

Can I participate as I am not an Indian Citizen or I am not from India?

Yes you can participate in this campaign. But we won’t be able to ship you the swags in case you are a top contributor.

Will I receive multiple swags in case of being top contributor for campaigns and specific task campaigns?

No, you can receive swags either for overall campaign or task specific campaign. This detail will be collected from you at the end of the campaign.

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