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At the National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM) under the Department of Home Affairs, the Government of India offers e-Learning courses for Disaster Risk Management in partnership with Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR), The World Bank, Washington.

The e-Learning program aims to increase awareness and preparation as well as to improve the analytical and technical skills of stakeholders in the various areas of Disaster Management and Mitigation. The courses are specifically designed to build the skills of disaster management professionals, development workers, and the general public in India and the SAARC countries. The program also benefits those who cannot or do not have enough time to attend communication programs either at NIDM or other training centers. Participants enjoy the benefits of flexi-time and flex-space. They can sign up for the study from anywhere and at any time. They can attend lectures and activities related to studies anytime and anywhere they feel comfortable. Lessons are free from any face-to-face interviewing or visibility at the final exam. The online Discussion Forum allows participants to share their ideas, experiences, texts, photos, and videos. Participants may have options to access Forum Forum entries in their e-mail accounts.

Unlike classroom-based instruction, there is no test program in NIDM web-based courses. Success in the study depends largely on certain parameters such as completion of personal profiles, country profile, participation in the discussion forum, timely submission of assignments and termination of study projects, etc. Based on active participation in their respective studies, participants were assessed and planned. There are two main categories of online courses offered by NIDM – Comprehensive Environmental Disaster Management and Mathematics. The Comprehensive Natural Disaster Risk Management Framework Course is open to all those who wish to obtain complete information on Natural Disaster Management regarding disaster risk management, mitigation, preparedness, etc. Management Framework Course or having a Thematic degree/experience in their related domains.

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