Microsoft Learn Cloud Skills Challenge | Microsoft Ignite Edition 2022 | Microsoft 8 Free Certificate

Microsoft Ignite is back in 2022 and this time, they’re bringing the Microsoft Learn Cloud Skills Challenge! This is your chance to get free Microsoft certificates by completing various challenges. Learn more about the challenge and how to participate here.

Hello everyone! If you want to become a Microsoft-certified professional but haven’t been able to because of the high fees, this is great news. The Microsoft Ignite Edition 2022’s Learn Cloud Skills Challenge has just started, giving you the chance to become a Microsoft-certified professional for free. Stay with us until the end of the post to find out more about this challenge.

Here you will get Microsoft Challenge Free Certification.

All About Microsoft Learn Cloud Skills Challenge

Choose one of the seven challenges if it sounds like something you’d like to do. The Microsoft Learn Cloud Skills Challenge is open to anyone who wants to become a Microsoft Certified Professional and is eager to learn.

How Microsoft works Learn the list of challenges in Microsoft Cloud Skills:

1. Microsoft Ignite: Intelligent Cloud Challenge: Learn Cloud Skills

As an Azure infrastructure architect, you have to know what Azure is all about. Learn about IT operations, such as governance, data platforms, business continuity, virtualization, identification, and security.

2. Microsoft Ignite: A Challenge for AI and Automation

You will be led through easy-to-understand conceptual content and interactive Jupyter notebooks without ever having to leave your browser. The course covers everything from the most basic classical machine learning models to exploratory data analysis and customizing architectures. Choose your own path based on what you’ve learned and what you like to do.

3. The Challenge of Field Service Automation at Microsoft Ignite

Learn how to set up field service user roles, field service settings, the Connected Field Service (IoT) solution, and the mobile Dynamics 365 Field Service app. You’ll also learn how to set up resources, qualities, incident types, inventory integration, service agreements, resource scheduling, work orders, inspections, and service tasks.

4. Microsoft Ignite: A Challenge for Cloud Developers

By completing this challenging learning path, you will learn more about DevOps and how to get ready for a DevOps transformation journey.

5. Microsoft Ignite: Challenge for Cloud App Builders

Make low-code solutions for yourself and your team to streamline and automate operations and procedures. The Cloud App Maker Challenge will teach you how to turn your knowledge of your data and the problems that need to be fixed into automated processes and app experiences.

6. Microsoft Ignite: The Challenge of Modern Work

Find out the best ways to organize, deploy, set up, and protect approved Microsoft Teams chat, applications, channels, meetings, audio/video conferencing, live events, calling, and devices. There are three ways to set up the Microsoft Teams Phone to connect to the PSTN. These are Direct Routing, Operator Connect, and Microsoft Teams Calling Plans.

7. Microsoft Ignite: The Challenge to Protect Everything

Find out about attack methods, online threats, how to handle an incident, and Kusto Query Language (KQL).

Eligibility Criteria

It is open to anyone who wants to learn cloud skills, even if they don’t have a background in technology.

Important Dates & Deadlines

The challenge will end on November 9, 2022, at 4:00 PM (16:00 UTC). Make sure you finish the modules of the challenge before the time runs out.

By November 18, 2022, you’ll get an email with an offer for a free Microsoft Certification exam that will last until February 15, 2023.

Perks & Benefits

A chance to learn cloud skills from Microsoft-made content.
If you’ve done any of the seven challenges, you can take the Microsoft Certification Exam for free.

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