Data Scientist Intern in Amazon

Data Scientist Intern

Work ID: 1008217 | ADCI – Karnataka
Amazon wants Data Scientist to improve one of the most complex systems in the world. The academic and/or practical field in Computer Science, Engineering, Performance Research, or Process Management is very important in this position. Experience in the integration of model-based engineering tools and/or multi-sectoral analysis and efficiency is also a combination.
Major commitments:
· Use data analysis and statistical strategies to develop solutions to improve customer knowledge and guide business decisions
Identify forecasts and causes of business-related problems and apply new methods related to forecasting and forecasting
Identify, develop, manage and update updates to identify potential sites and present written business recommendations
Collaborate with multiple groups as a leader in price analysis and where you create solutions that use the highest standards of analytical and data complexity
Analyze and resolve business problems at their root

Pursuing a Masters or equivalent graduate degree from a high school of Technology
· Recording the delivery of major analytical solutions that impact business
· Experience in R / SAS / Matlab and SQL
· Excellent Microsoft Office capabilities, including solid knowledge of Excel functionality
· Ability to solve problems and love big data
· Excellent communication and data communication skills
· Well written and fluent English

Masters or equivalent degrees advanced in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics or related technical discipline. Hand experience and project-based learning in computer science, engineering, or mathematics are popular.
• Educational experience in data manipulation/modification, model selection, modeling training, cross-border verification, and referral.
• Academic or Project experience with Machine and Deep Learning tools such as MXNet, TensorFlow, Caffe, and PyTorch.
• Educational experience with Big Data platforms such as Apache Spark and Hadoop.
• Practice processing data via Python, R & SQL.
• Familiarity with the most popular AI / ML-related AW / ML services, especially Amazon EMR, AWS Lambda, SageMaker, Learning Machines, IoT, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2 Container Service, Green Grass, etc.

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