Cisco – Intro to Cybersecurity – Chapter 1 Quiz Answers

chapter 1 Quiz Answers

  1. What three items are components of the CIA triad? (Choose three.)
    • intervention
    • availability
    • scalability
    • confidentiality
    • integrity
    • access
  2. What is another name for confidentiality of information?
    • trustworthiness
    • privacy
    • accuracy
    • consistency
  3. Which statement describes cyberwarfare?
    • Cyberwarfare is an attack carried out by a group of script kiddies.
    • It is simulation software for Air Force pilots that allows them to practice under a simulated war scenario.
    • It is a series of personal protective equipment developed for soldiers involved in nuclear war.
    • It is Internet-based conflict that involves the penetration of information systems of other nations.
  4. What is an example of “hacktivism”?
    • A group of environmentalists launch a denial of service attack against an oil company that is responsible for a large oil spill.
    • A teenager breaks into the web server of a local newspaper and posts a picture of a favorite cartoon character.
    • A country tries to steal defense secrets from another country by infiltrating government networks.
    • Criminals use the Internet to attempt to steal money from a banking company.
  5. What is the motivation of a white hat attacker?
    • discovering weaknesses of networks and systems to improve the security level of these systems
    • studying operating systems of various platforms to develop a new system
    • taking advantage of any vulnerability for illegal personal gain
    • fine tuning network devices to improve their performance and efficiency
  6. Which method is used to check the integrity of data?
    • checksum
    • backup
    • authentication
    • encryption
  7. Fill in the blank.The individual user profile on a social network site is an example of a/an  online  identity.
  8. Match the type of cyber attackers to the description. (Not all options are used.)
    • gather intelligence or commit sabotage on specific goals on behalf of their government ————-> state-sponsored attackers
    • make political statements, or create fear, by causing physical or psychological damage to victims ———->terrorists
    • make political statements in order to create an awareness of issues that are important to them ————> hacktivists
    • Other Incorrect Match Options: script kiddies
  9. What are three methods that can be used to ensure confidentiality of information? (Choose three.)
    • data encryption
    • backup
    • file permission settings
    • username ID and password
    • two factor authentication
    • version control
  10. What is a reason that internal security threats might cause greater damage to an organization than external security threats?
    • Internal users can access the infrastructure devices through the Internet.
    • Internal users can access the corporate data without authentication.
    • Internal users have direct access to the infrastructure devices.
    • Internal users have better hacking skills.

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