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Going to appear in an interview, but not having sound knowledge in DSA? Wondering how to learn Data Structure? How to become a master in Data Structure & algorithms? Not able to solve any DSA problems on your own? If Yes, then you are at the right place because we are providing good content with the best online learning course.

Hello Technocrats, Today we come along with an amazing opportunity for everyone who has a dream to become a master in Data Structure. Recently, Educonix, an education portal, or an online educational platform that releases various online courses regularly for everyone for totally free of cost. You don’t need to pay any money for learning these courses.

Best Free Data Structure & Algorithm Courses

Educonix providing free DSA Learning materials for everyone to advanced their skills and knowledge.

When it comes to learning any programming language from the ground up, whether functional or object-oriented, data structures and algorithms are two crucial fundamentals. To master a language, you must first grasp the fundamental foundations of that language.

Lists, trees, maps, and other data structures reflect underlying data and are frequently required to be sorted, merged, transformed, and matched in some way. It would take a lot of time and manpower to do this manually, which is where algorithms come in handy. Software developers have developed algorithms that give a consistent, repeatable, and tested solution for this problem, as well as a set of metrics to assess performance.

At the end of this course, you will:

  • Gain a better knowledge of algorithms and their fundamental ideas.
  • ADT, AST, BFS, and DFS are examples of acronyms.
  • Recursion and its relevance to concurrency (multi branch, memoization) as well as ADTs like Trees and Graphs have been learned.
  • Understand trees and the balancing rotation processes.
  • Understanding parsing grammars with Stacks and Queues, as well as related tools such as AST-based parsers, is the first step on the road to Compiler Theory.
  • Understand Prime operations and engage in some of the fascinating and approachable underlying mathematics, such as Fermat’s theorem.
Course NameAlgorithms and Software Engineering for Professionals
Launched ByEduonix
No. of Lectures / Videos103 Lectures
Mode of LearningSelf Placed Online Learning
Duration of this Course7.6 Hours

Course Content:

  1. Introduction
  2. Iterations & Transformation on Sequences
  3. Time Complexity
  4. Counting & Optimization
  5. Sorting
  6. Stacks & Queues
  7. Divisibility Operations & Primes
  8. Tree Based Algorithms
  9. Graph Algorithms
  10. Algorithm Design
  11. Course Summary

What are Data Structures?

Data structures are ways of collecting and arranging information. Using data structures allows you to efficiently perform certain operations on your data. We are all aware of the importance of keeping things organized. Having a specific location for everything makes it easier to locate that item later, saving you time and energy.

In the same way, a data structure aids your software. It lets you correctly store and organize data so that you may use it in various tasks. There are various sorts of data structures, each with its own set of benefits (and disadvantages). You should select a data structure that meets the needs of your problem.

What is an Algorithm?

Algorithms, in simple words, are a set of procedures that can be used to solve a problem. Every algorithm, you could argue, is a solution. Recipes are another wonderful analogy for algorithms.

An algorithm helps your computer handle a specific problem with specific input, similar to how a specific recipe helps you prepare a specific dish with specific ingredients.

Given that algorithms are simply lists of stages, it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. When a chef develops a recipe for food, they can share it with others so that others can prepare the same dish by following the recipe. Similarly, you may utilize an algorithm to solve certain problems and then share it with others who might be interested in solving the same problem.

An algorithm is not a complete program or code. You can express an algorithm through a flowchart or pseudocode.

Why should you learn Data Structure & algorithms, if you are not aware of it?

It can be difficult to prepare for a technical interview. While preparing for a technical interview, it is helpful if you have a good grip on the fundamental ideas of Computer Science and related subjects.

Data structures and algorithms are some of the most common subjects in technical interviews. This topic is difficult for many students and professionals to grasp. That is why we have made this training available for free. It will assist you in learning data structures and algorithms in a simple and cost-effective manner. The data structure should make your solution more efficient and less complicated when you implement it. 

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