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TCS iON offers Free courses for everyone to enhance digital teaching skills. TCS Ion, a subsidiary of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), has launched a 15 days free course on Teaching with the Use of Technology in the Digital Era. Created under the name ‘Career Edge – Digital Teacher’, this online course can be used by teachers to enhance their digital teaching skills.

About TCS iON Career Edge – Digital Teacher

Teachers’ digital skills and abilities are now required, as the usage and integration of technology in the teaching-learning process is no longer a choice but a necessity. This is emphasized in the National Education Policy 2020, which calls for a rapid transition to technology-enabled and integrated education in order to ensure India’s global competitiveness.

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the landscape of education as we know it even further. It has not been an easy adjustment for teachers to go from teaching a physical classroom of 50 to 60 students to educating kids digitally from a room in their homes while maintaining the same level of learning.

TCS iON Career Edge – Digital Teacher, a free-to-access course, has been designed to help teachers through this unsettling upskilling and reskilling process, equipping them with essential skills and competencies to make their digital teaching journey smoother and more effective.

This self-paced online course was developed by teachers for teachers and covers a variety of topics that are useful to both in-service and pre-service instructors.

The course is divided into 14 modules, each lasting 1-2 hours, including learning aids like as videos, presentations, reading material, and self-assessments at the end of each module.

The learner receives a personalized certificate upon successful completion of an end-of-course evaluation that evaluates their grasp of concepts and if the course objectives are reached. Learners also have access to a moderated digital discussion area where they can ask questions and share their ideas. The moderator replies to inquiries in a timely manner.

On completion of this course, teachers will be able to create rich learning experiences and an environment that harnesses the full potential of digital resources and technologies towards improving learning outcomes.

Course Details

  • The programme called ‘Career Edge Digital Teacher’ requires about 1-2 hours of daily effort for 15 days,
  • Digital teacher to prepare, launch 15-day free course in TCS Rural Area.
  • The online course can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and via any device – cellphones, laptops, desktops and tablets.
  • On successful completion of the course and an in-built test, teachers will be awarded a certificate endorsing them as Digital Teachers, it added.

Course Syllabus/Course Modules

  • Module01
    • Get Introduced to the World of Digital Technology
    • Examine the pervasiveness of digital technology
  • Module02
    • Be an Effective Digital Teacher
    • Understand the need and scope of digital competence
  • Module03
    • Reimagine your Classroom with Digital Tools and Technologies
    • Experience the diverse digital technologies and tools
  • Module04
    • Enhance Teaching with Latest Trends in Digital Teaching
    • Adopt various modes and the innovative methods that digital teaching enables
  • Module05
    • Get Tips on Digital Wellness and Troubleshooting
    • Equip yourself to solve technology glitches and understand digital wellness
  • Module06
    • Enrich Digital Learning Experiences with Bloom’s Taxonomy
    • Understand the application of Bloom’s Taxonomy in digital lesson planning
  • Module07
    • Foster 21st Century Skills Leveraging Digital Technologies
    • Explore strategies for developing 21st Century teaching and learning skills
  • Module08
    • Create Lesson Plans with Effective Digital Pedagogies
    • Develop lesson plans incorporating pedagogical principles and good practices for digital
  • Module09
    • Deliver a Well-balanced Digital Class
    • Explore various methods and practices to deliver an effective digital class
  • Module10
    • Design Effective Digital Assessments
    • Learn about the principles of planning and designing assessments
  • Module11
    • Create Digital Assessments the Right Way
    • Discover tools and techniques for enhancing digital assessments
  • Module12
    • Improve Outcomes with Student Analytics
    • Personalise learning experiences using data-driven teaching
  • Module13
    • Transform Learning with Digital Resources
    • Make digital resources an integral part of your lessons
  • Module14
    • Understand Best Practices in Digital Teaching
    • Get a practitioner’s perspective on digital teaching
  • End Of Course Assessment
    • Digital Assessment for Certification
    • Click here to view the sample certificate

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