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Simplilearn, an ed-tech company, has announced the launch of a free learning platform – SkillUp designed to offer courses and learning materials for people to get their work started in this competitive environment.

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In a recent LinkedIn post, Krishna Kumar, CEO of Simplilearn, said SkillUp is another milestone in Simplilearn’s journey. According to this post, with this platform, one can choose from more than 300 advanced skills such as data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, software development, project management, IT service and architecture and others, and can learn in this free forum for independent courses videos, made by some of the best minds in the industry. The curriculum for this program is designed for industry experts and subject advisors such as Ronald van Loon, Marc Weaver, Dean Pompilio, and Matt Bailey.

Ideally the platform can be accessed from any device, whether it is a website or mobile devices. It contains more than 1,000 hours of learning and technology programs that include great search skills. The initiative aims to help young talent and active professionals identify their interests and provide them with empowerment options to improve their work. The launch of this platform will not happen at a better time, as it is now more urgently needed for professionals to work towards specific career goals, especially in the aftermath of this epidemic.

According to the media, the programs offered by Simplilearn allow students to access much-needed video content, which will help build basic strategic skills for career growth. Not only will they be able to hold some of the most complete programs made by industry experts, but they will also be able to find free guidelines on career paths, salaries, interview tips, and more to help them make informed career decisions. Assuming these programs are designed online, they can be viewed and accessed from anywhere at any time, without disrupting the current student system.

In addition, Kumar said, through this initiative – SkillUp, Simplilearn “aims to break the barrier to access for anyone today to access any technology or grow in the electorate.” With these free courses, new graduates can explore advanced topics at the beginning of a career; new professionals can explore niche areas to improve their work; and experienced professionals can gain experience in managing their favorite field.

Designed for anyone interested in learning the latest digital skills, programs include topics such as data science, cyber security, project management and leadership, cloud computing, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and much more. These courses can be taken from beginners, students to experienced engineers, engineers, managers and supervisors.

Can I get a Printable Certificate?

Yes, you will receive a Certificate by Simplilearn of Learning after successful completion of the course. You can download a printed certificate or share completion certificates with others and add them to your LinkedIn profile.

Why should you choose online courses?

You should go to an online certification course to get credentials that can help you in your work. It also helps you to share your skills with the employer. These certificates are an investment in building your business. And the important thing you can access these courses anytime and multiple times.

Is this course is free?

Yes Simplilearn Course is totally free for you. The only thing is needed i.e. your dedication towards learning this course.

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