Quick and Easy Guide to Microsoft Word

About this lesson
Microsoft Word is a standard text builder and editor for anyone wishing to write an essay, type a book or build any type of document.

A small blue icon with W is found on most Windows computers, holding their dominance in the word processor market, and they are part of a larger Microsoft Office suite.

Microsoft Word is a colorful word processor that allows you to not only write texts but also format them in many ways. You can choose to design your own documents, or you can choose from the many pre-set templates provided when the new Word is opened.

Want to learn one of the simplest and most convenient editors that offers you unlimited opportunities? From cards, to letters and even flyers, you can do it all with Word 2016.

This tutorial is professionally designed to help you not only get started with the latest version of Word, Microsoft Word 2016, but also to become familiar with software that you can easily use to create as many documents as you like.

In this Word study, we will break down the easy way to become an expert at Word 2016, but also any other Word types you may encounter. From basic things like creating a blank document to text formatting, it will also incorporate complex Word features such as Category, Macros, Mail Merge, etc.

This Word course is divided into 11 sections covering everything you need to know about Word 2016. It covers the major features of the latest Word version including understanding the screen components of Word, how to get started with Word (creating a new Word document, editing, archiving and retrieving documents), basic text editing, formatting, segmentation, printing, drawing and clipart, alphabetical operation, postal integration, tables and advanced features like macros, table of contents, index and even forms.

At the end of each section, there are also laboratory exercises and a question and answer section that will allow you to self-assess and answer any remaining questions that may arise.

After this tutorial, you will:

Be skilled at the Word (all kinds)
Learn how to start a new document, edit that document, format text, save and print a document
Understand how to get a document if the Word crashes
Format your document and add indents, line spacing, alignment, header and footer, etc.
Learn what sets you apart and how to file your documents
Know how to use ClipArt and add photos to your document
Learn how to create, organize and format tables
Understand prior tasks such as mail mergers, macros, table of contents, index and forms.
Let’s get started! Learn how the Word can improve your skills and simplify your life.

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