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The Puneet Sankalp Pledge

  • I will preserve and protect the beaches, riverfronts, and lakes around me and keep them Puneet (Clean), Pristine, and Free of Plastic Waste. To combat plastic pollution, I pledge to incorporate the following 10 action points in my daily life.
  • I shall refuse single-use plastic products like plastic bags, tea cups, bottles, cutlery, and straws.
  • I shall opt for alternatives to plastics like using reusable steel water bottles instead of plastic water bottles.
  • I shall not litter the environment by throwing plastic items.
  • I shall segregate my plastic waste at home and ensure its proper disposal through local municipal authorities.
  • I shall volunteer for a cleanliness drive and encourage my friends to do
  • I shall reduce my plastic footprint during shopping by using reusable and Eco-friendly cloth bags.
  • I shall endeavor to give ‘Green Gifts’ like Cloth Bags, Steel Bottles, Recycled Plastic Shirts, etc. to spread the word about environment-friendly items.
  • I shall comply with the mantra of the 3Rs i.e. to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic items.
  • I shall share my scientific knowledge of plastics and their ill effects with my parents, relatives, and friends to make them aware of plastic pollution.
  • I shall lead by my personal example and motivate others to act on the Puneet Sankalp in their daily lives.

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