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Join the league to improve your career, gain recognition and validate your professional knowledge about current and future career roles. Develop the necessary technical skills in AI, DevOps, IoT, Security, Cloud Native, Kubernetes and take the next step to become a master of titles.

Sign up today to participate in a fun and friendly reading competition and have the opportunity to work on exciting live events calendars, SME interviews, career guidance discussions with micro .ft leadership, and industry-inspired projects.

Round One of the competition includes completing a set of study modules under the Cloud Skills Challenge and updating your Micro .ft Azure skills on LinkedIn.

Invest in your studies and start a cloud-based certification course with seven unique challenges in the Azure Developer League Cloud Skills Challenge. Each challenge is a selected set of micro .ft learn modules covering topics such as AI, DevOps, IoT, Security, Cloud Native, Cubernet, and related tech.

Sign up and complete as many challenges as you like. With all the challenges you have completed, you will get a certificate and a special Azure Developer League jersey to help you get a chance to win Surface Go, a free trial discount. *

Ready to stretch those study muscles and use your skills?

Round by round in the league is the Hackathon Challenge. With the experience of digital competition, you can create meaningful solutions by competing from anywhere, any place!

Join a community of colleagues to share your vision. You can find future business partners, meet your lifelong friends, and be inspired by other people’s solutions.

There is a cash prize of 15 USD and the opportunity to work with industry partners on future projects or host your session at a virtual Microsoft event.

Also, the chance to get special Azure Developer League jerseys with great color prizes, including sports consoles and smartwatches *.

It is a savvy and knowledgeable game in the grand finale of the Azure Developer League. The winning teams of the Hackathon Challenge will compete in a home quiz contest with the Azure Developer League Gold Medal and the popular Azure Developer League Champions Jersey.

* See more contest details and rules and regulations for prizes and don’t miss out!

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