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About this Masterclass

Preparing for interviews is a daunting task, especially when you have to prepare for interviews with product companies. Learning how to start this journey, what to focus on and what not to do, are the most important and crucial steps to invest in the high-tech companies of your choice.

We have a mature session with all the information you need to break the product negotiations. Join Abhimanyu Saxena, on Tuesday, June 8, at 8:30 PM IST, who has led a team of engineers at, a US $ 1 billion startup, hired hundreds of techies. If you are aiming for leading product companies, don’t forget to sign up for this Masterclass for free!

Abhimanyu is the founder of Scaler Academy and InterviewBit (LinkedIn)

Key Recovery:

  • Gain an understanding of what tier-1 product companies want
  • Build a roadmap for how to get into the Product Company
  • Configure Sources to skip from ‘Service’ to ‘Product’
  • Learn about ‘common mistakes to avoid in technical discussions’
  • Arrangements for further progress by other applicants
  • BONUS- Special access for all attendees at the FREE Academy Academy

Note: This Masterclass is designed for practicing professionals with at least six months of work experience.

Certificates: All attendees receive certificates from Anshuman Singh and Scaler Academy! Please be careful when entering your details when registering as they will go to your certificates

Before you watch on Youtube: Here are some short-sighted videos to enjoy and at the same time read or revisit some of the most important topics that will be featured in this Masterclass. It is completely free and comes with exercises approved by our students at Scaler Academy.

Horizontal and vertical ratings:
Load Rate:
CAP theorem:
Designing Relationship Information Schema:

About Scaler Academy

Many engineers (like us!) enter software engineering almost by mistake, are exposed to ‘old’ teaching methods and are taught to ‘cram’ content. This creates gaps in an engineer’s CS learning, makes them under confident and prevents them from accelerating in their career. 

Scaler Academy is tailor-made for engineers to master the foundations of CS (DSA & System Design) and to take their career to the next level, via: 

  • A structured, guided and industry vetted curriculum
  • Live classes by faculty who have been there, done that
  • Regular 1:1 mentorship from industry veterans 
  • Practical experience through real-life projects
  • Career support via a dedicated recruitment team, alumni network, etc.
  • Aspirational peer group of 3,500+ Scaler students & alumni
  • We’ve introduced 3 electives – Advanced DSA, Concurrent Programming, and Product Management to help you further accelerate your tech career. These will be taught at the end of the course, and are completely optional. However, they provide deep insight into crucial topics, and hence, we strongly advise you to opt for them!
  • NEW! You can now get a sense of our core offering for free. Experience everything that Academy has to offer and take the leap to your dream company. Attend a free live class, watch recorded content from our lectures, attempt practice problems, and block a mentor from top tech companies 

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