IIT Roorkee Free Course | Free Autodesk Certification | IIT Free Workshop Certificate 2022

Cognizance (IIT Roorkee) in association with Autodesk brings you a free workshop on Autodesk Design to get you future-ready talents and provide you the job-ready skills. Join and explore the core concepts behind Fusion 360 CAD/CAM through a series of lectures and hands-on exercises.

About the Autodesk Design Course

Autodesk is a world leader in design and manufacturing software. We help innovators throughout the world solve today’s pressing challenges with our experience in architecture, engineering, construction, design, manufacturing, and entertainment. We think that if you can envision it, Autodesk can make it a reality. Build your foundational skills with IIT Roorkee Free Online Workshop and expand your knowledge in terms of Autodesk and AutoCAD and get Autodesk Free Certified Professional Certification.

Course Syllabus- What You Gonna Learn In this IIT Workshop

  1. Introduction
    ● Explain the course overview and objective.
    ● Download and install fusion 360

2. The file structure in Fusion 360
● Open, close, and save a file using the data panel.
● Create a new project.
● Share the project with another user.
● Review user preferences.

3. User interface and navigation
● Modify the toolbar
● Review the marking menus.
● Review the toolbox in model space.
● Modify the display settings.
● Review the workspace.

4. Modeling
● Review bodies and components in the browser.
● Turn capture history on and off.
● Use direct editing to modify a design.

5. Collaboration
● Use the live review preview to collaborate with other users.
● Use Fusion team to manage member access to a project.

6. A quick overview of 2D and 3D modeling in Fusion 360
● Create new projects, and open and save models in Fusion 360.
● Use the Viewcube, navigation, display, and orbit tools to survey and edit
CAD models in Fusion 360.
● Use the browser in Fusion 360 to view and edit 2D and 3D elements such
as Sketches and Bodies.

7. A simple exercise: Modelling from 2D sketches to a 3D CAD Model
● creates a sketch.
● apply sketch dimensions and constraints.
● use extrude.
● use fillet.
● identify timeline elements.
● create a 2D drawing.

8. Overview of the types of modeling and workspaces in Fusion 360
● Create new projects, and Open and Save models in Fusion 360.

9. Parametric modeling in Fusion 360: Sketching
● creates basic sketches.
● use sketch constraints and dimensions.
● create advanced sketch entities.
● create sketch patterns.
● use project in a sketch.
● use attach canvas

10. Parametric Modelling in Fusion 360: From 2D to 3D
● use extrude.
● use fillet.
● apply a physical material.
● apply an appearance.

11. Freeform modeling and sculpting
● use attached to the canvas.
● create primitive form bodies.
● use edit form.
● use bridge.
● joint freeform edges and vertices.

12. Direct modeling
● organizes an assembly.
● use fusion 360 modify tools.
● use press pull.
● delete.
● use move/copy.

13. Assembly modeling
● Create a component.
● Create a joint.
● edit a joint limit.
● drive a joint.

14. Technical drawings and documentation infusion
● create a 2D drawing from a 3D model.
● create an exploded view.

Prerequisites To Attend This Workshop

All the participants should have access to a computer (whether college
lab or personal machine) with an internet connection.

Perks & Benefits

1. Participation Certificate
2. Access to Autodesk Fusion 360 software for a year.

Workshop Date

This Workshop will be held for two days from 22nd January to 24th January 2022 from 2.00-6.00 PM(IST). This Workshop is totally free of cost for everyone.

Speaker Details:

Anil Chouhan (Education Engagement Specialist)
-Experience of 11+ years in the domain of industrial design. Vast experience of training working professionals from the USA, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, and MEA.

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