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If you’re happy to be obsessed with building excellent code that will be utilized by other great engineers all over the world, keep reading because this could be the career for you. HackerRank is searching for high-potential Hacker Interns to join our team of full-time world-class hackers as we work to build the most engaged developer community.

The hypothesis: Every hacker has a favorite type of challenge, whether it’s coding at their level or pushing their boundaries and learning something new.

Life as an intern at HackerRank

World-class mentors, a fantastic culture, incredible people, and possibilities to make a difference, all in a real-world setting and at the start of your career! Continue reading if this seems intriguing…

  • Each of you will be assigned a mentor who will provide guidance and support throughout your internship.
  • From the first month on, you’ll be able to put your code to the test and contribute to real-world projects.
  • The main statistic that binds us all together is open communication. Every week, you’ll get all the information you need from the Executive team, including the company’s growth.
  • You’ll have direct access to all corporate personnel and will be able to challenge the status quo at any time, allowing you to be more data-driven.
    You’ll be considered for a returning offer throughout your internship, whether you’re graduating and looking for a full-time job following your internship or hope to return for another internship next year.
  • With your batch, you get to create your own internship page. Look through the pages from the previous years: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 winter, 2018 summer, 2019 winter, 2019 summer, 2020 winter, 2020 summer, 2020 winter, Indy 2020 winter, 2021 winter, and 2021 summer.

Steps to apply for Internship

  1. Solve 3 challenges
    Visit https://www.hackerrank.com/contests/hackerrank-internship-challenges/challenges and solve all three challenges in that page. There is no time limit to solve these challenges. These challenges are not your standard DSA questions, but simple coding questions. All we want to check is whether you can translate from English to (C/C++/Python or Java….). This round is not intended to understand your dynamic programming or BFS/DFS skills. But we need to ensure you can code simple programming challenges before we consider you for the next round. Please make sure you mention your HackerRank profile (with which you solved the three questions) in your resume.
  2. Create a resume.
    Go to hackerresume.com and create a resume there. ONLY the resumes created at HackerResume will be considered for the internship.
    Why do we ask for resume in this format? Your resume is actually reviewed by Hari, the CTO of HackerRank. He accepts of having “well designed resume bias”. Everyone (including Hari) likes a good resume. But in an ideal world, only your work/skill in the resume should matter. Design of the resume should not decide whether you are selected to the next round or not. To avoid this bias completely, we are trying to get all the resume in a single, simple & same format. 
    Also, we’ve picked one of the best resume template out there to create a resume for you. We’ve also followed some of the best practices from the book https://thetechresume.com/ so that you don’t have to do all the hard work. We hope even if things don’t end well with HackerRank internship, this resume is helpful to you.
  3. Upload your resume
    Come back to this page, scroll down and Apply to the job below only with your HackerResume

If you have any questions about the above mentioned steps, write into internship-queries@hackerrank.com and someone from our team will answer it. 


  1. Is it only for 6 months? Yes, it is a 6 months full-time Internship.
  2. Is it a Paid/Unpaid internship? It is a paid Internship!
  3. Is it a remote/in-office internship? It is a remote full-time internship
  4. I am in my 2nd year of college. Can I apply or is it only for the final year students? Anyone with the skillset mentioned above can apply. Be it a first year student or already graduated. We are looking at someone with the right skillset and passion.

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